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#LCLocal John Paul
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Name: John Paul

Title: Master Volunteer in Policing

How did you become a Master Volunteer in Policing (VIP) for League City?

I got involved after being part of the Citizens’ Police Academy in 2013. I transitioned over from CPA. I wanted to know more about the City’s police department and to get involved, so a friend of mine suggested that I join the group.

What do you do?

I coordinate the VIP cars and handle their maintenance, I coordinate code enforcement with Neighborhood Services, help schedule golf cart inspections, and work traffic at city events. I like to patrol and meet different people. 

Favorite part of being a VIP?

Being out, meeting nice people, and it keeps me busy. I was married for 40 years and when my wife passed away, I told my kids no women and no pet (laughs).  And I’ve stuck to it. I sit home and I watch TV sometimes, but I try to stay busy at all times. 

You also umpire for Little League in your spare time?

I played Little League in 1952. I made the all star team and won our all star games. After that, I coached until my son didn’t play anymore and I started umpiring in 1982. I’ve been the umpire supervisor for District 14 since 1986 and I’m the chief umpire now for Texas East. I umpired the Little League World Series in 2002 and umpired in Poland for the European Regionals that same year. I have always been into baseball since I was in high school. 

You dedicate a lot of time to volunteering, what awards have you received?

I got the Art Hewitt Award in 2016 for all my volunteer service for the city, including Little League, the CPA, and VIP. I got the VIP of the year in 2017. I’ve volunteered a total of 3,400 hours with the League City Police Deaprtment and got the Chief’s Excellence Award in July.

I got the presidental award for the third time for volunteering more that 500 hours a year.

Right now, I am working to get to 4,000 hours to get a letter signed by the president. 

What keeps you involved with the police department?

I was a deputy sheriff at one point in Delaware. I’ve always had a love for law enforcement. My friends are police, I have family members in law enforcement, I’ve known police my whole life. 

How would you encourage someone to volunteer?

You have to have the time. If you have time and want to stay busy, you have an opportunity to work with different people and give back. It’s a lot of fun. 

What’s your favorite thing to do in League City?

That’s easy! Volunteering, of course. I also play golf.I just played my 400th different golf course this year. 

What do you like about living in League City?

I like everything about it. It’s a nice place to live.


What is your favorite place in League City?

The Chester L. Davis Sportsplex.


Favorite restaurants in League City?

Esteban’s and Jimmy Changas.

#LCLocal Elizabeth Cambre
LC Local Elizabeth Cambre

Name: Elizabeth Cambre

Title: Director of Production Enhancement at Tendeka

President and Founder of GGC Synergy and the AdvanceHer Program

Global Fundraising and Events Chair for Lean In Energy


Tell us about your job/ what you do:

I work in corporate and I run my own business. I am in the Oil and Gas industry, with a background in both technical and operations of hydraulic fracturing and acid stimulation. I am gearing up to move into a new role with Tendeka (a company that is owned 51 % by Shell) to build their Hydraulic Fracturing Product Line. Previously I worked for Baker Hughes, GE and Schlumberger in the Middle East.


I started my own company in January 2018, The AdvanceHer Program. I have teamed up with the UK based Negotiation Lab, which teaches an elite corporate negotiation training using the Harvard Principles of Negotiation Methods. However, with the AdvanceHer Program we are focused on providing females with this corporate level of negotiation training and teaching them how to negotiate for themselves and for their companies with open enrollment programs.


I have recently been appointed the position of Global Fundraising and Event Chair for the newly formed Lean In Energy group headquartered in Houston. Lean In Energy is a leading mentoring community for all women in energy worldwide. We are driving the LeanIn.org mission within the energy vertical globally.


What are your hobbies and interests?

I am working to start the first ever Negotiation club like Toastmasters. I am really into fitness and working out at Orange Theory, Rush Cycle, and Pure Barre. I am the in Junior League of Galveston County. I spend a lot of my time mentoring females including my two young daughters. I am enrolling my youngest daughter in Chinese Sunday School here in League City, as I studied Chinese at the East Normal University in Shanghai.


How long have you lived in League City?

I have lived in League City for five years.


What drew you to League City?

I had just moved back from working in Abu Dhabi and moved to the Woodlands. I met my husband in Houston and he was working at Clear Lake Regional Hospital, so I moved down here to be with him.


You are a recent graduate of the Citizen University Program, what did you enjoy about it? What did you learn?

I looked forward to attending the program every week. First and foremost, I loved getting to know who is running our city. I really liked hearing from David Hoover about the city’s Planning Development. It really put things in perspective for me in understanding the need for commercial growth, as 87 % of League City is zoned for residential. I understood the importance for us to spend money in League City.


What one word would you use to describe League City?



What is your favorite place to eat in League City?

Main Street Bistro


What restaurant is still on your list to dine in?

I think I have been to them all!


What is your favorite part of League City?

Access to Clear Lake.


Describe your perfect day in League City:

Waking up to go catch a class at Pure Barre, taking my kids to the park/swimming pool at the Lakes of South Shore, catching a quidditch game at Home Town Heroes, followed by a movie night at the pool.


What do you hope to see in League City in the future?

Solar panels on the new homes being built!


What do you think makes League City unique?

The people. You never know who you are going to meet each day. I have met more interesting people here than in any other city I have lived in around the world. 

#LC Local Walter Syers
LC Local Walter Syers

If you’ve ever stopped by the League City Starbucks on Main Street and Highway 3 for a cup of morning coffee, chances are you were greeted with a smile and a compliment from Walter Syers. The 73-year old barista can whip up a tasty latte in minutes, but it’s his warm personality and sweet disposition that keep people coming back day after day.


Syers, who is  a U.S. Marine veteran and former bank president, was looking for something to do when he retired that would keep him active and allow him to interact with all kinds of people. So, in 2006 he accepted a part time job at Starbucks. Since day one he’s made it his mission to brighten the day of anyone he encounters.


“I like complimenting people and just being nice to them,” said Syers. “They may only stop in for a few minutes, but if I can make them smile and feel good, it’s worth it.”


From wishing customers a “blessed day” to giving out animal stickers to children in the backseat, Syer’s kind gestures and exceptional customer service recently became a hot topic on social media when the League City Communications Department produced a video on him.  Within a matter of days, the video reached over 68,000 views on Facebook. In addition, more than 500 people commented about their interactions with Syers at the drive-thru window and shared how his positive attitude has personally impacted them.


Syers says he is grateful and humbled by the appreciation. He says it’s simple: he loves the people of League City and he loves his job.