The cool thing about composting/recycling is that it can be carried out in a small space. You can even worm compost with a Rubbermaid container in an apartment. Check out this page for information on starting a compost pile, what can/can't be put in the compost pile, and setting up worm composting.

What You Can Compost

  • Hair - both human and pet
  • Dryer lint
  • Tea bags - remove staples and/or tags
  • Coffee with filter

Check out these videos for more information on how to create a compost pile.

Trash Can Compost Bin

You can make a compost bin from a large trash can (these are great for small spaces). Watch the video below to learn more information.

Why Compost?

What is compost? What are the benefits? View more information on the benefits of composting.

Worm Composting

Worm composting is another way to break down food scraps and requires relatively little space. This is a good composting method for people who live in apartments and/or have limited space. Learn how to set up and maintain a worm composting bin.