Second Reading on Ordinance Revisions

On July 26, 2011, City Council held a public hearing and approved the first reading of proposed revisions to oil and gas well and pipeline regulations. Some of the council members noted that they wanted the setbacks for protected uses to be inclusive of other structures that people may inhabit and the setback for water wells to be increased. In response, staff has made the following changes:

  • Increased the setback from a well bore, pump station, and battery tanks to a water well from 200 feet
    to 600 feet. The setback can be reduced to no less than 200 feet if surface property owners within a
    radius of 200 feet to 600 feet sign notarized affidavits consenting to the encroachment.
  • A setback requirement of 600 feet was added from a well bore and pump station to an off-site pool,
    building, or structure for the support, shelter, enclosure, or partial enclosure of persons or animals for
    which a building permit has been issued on or before the date the Special Use Permit application is
    accepted by the city. The setback can be reduced if surface property owners within the affected
    radius sign notarized affidavits consenting to the encroachment. The noise restrictions will also apply
    to those applicable buildings and structures.

City Council will consider the Second Reading of these proposed revisions during its regular meeting at 6 p.m .on Tuesday, August 9 in Council Chambers. Since this will not be a public hearing item, anyone desiring to speak on the proposed changes should do so during the Citizens Request for Hearing Before City Council.

Proposed Ordinance Revisions

Article III, Chapter 125 – Zoning Land Use Charts (PDF)
Article IV, Chapter 125 – Standards for Specific Uses (PDF)
Article III, Chapter 42 – Oil and Gas Well Drilling (PDF)
Article IV, Chapter 42 – Drilling Production, Plugging and Abandonment (PDF)
Article V, Chapter 42 – Pipelines and Pump Stations (PDF)
Comparison of Current vs. Proposed Oil & Gas Well Regulations (PDF)
Site Exhibit for Distancing and Setback Requirements (PDF)