Area Visitor Attractions

League City offers plenty of things to do and places to visit, and because of our prime location we are close to dozens of exciting adventures in Houston’s Bay Area. Below are some of the attractions you can explore around town.

In League City

  • West Bay Common School Children’s Museum
    Go back in history at this enchanting one-room schoolhouse, where a typical school day from the 1890s is brought to life. The West Bay Common School Children’s Museum is an exhibit of buildings and artifacts from turn-of-the-century rural America, and offers an award-winning program where children experience a typical 1898 learning environment.

  • Butler Longhorn Museum
    The Butler Longhorn Museum offers a look at Texas and the American West, and specifically the role League City’s founding families played in saving the Texas Longhorn cattle breed from extinction. The museum sits on a ten-acre waterfront park in the Historic District with shaded picnic sites, a fishing pond, playground, and a walking path. The museum features a vintage movie theater with popcorn and refreshments, gift shop, art gallery and research center. The facilities are available for school groups, weddings, meetings and other events including private tours.Butler Longhorn Museum Longhorn Cattle

  • Italian Heritage Museum
    League City’s Italian Heritage Museum has officially opened its doors to the public. The museum, also known as the Ghirardi House, has a long and rich history, deeply embedded in the heritage of League City. Originally built in the 1900's, it was owned by J.C. League, the founder of League City, and eventually sold to Sebastian Ghirardi, the son of the first Italians to immigrate to League City. In 2002, it was donated to the City of League City by Rita Ghirardi for the purpose of making it a museum. 

  • italian heritage museum
  • League City Historic District
    Perfect for an afternoon of exploring, shopping, and taking photos, League City’s Historic District features beautiful historic homes and buildings, League City’s famous Butler Oaks, and more.
    Historic league city

Around League City

  • Armand Bayou Nature Center
    Explore the largest urban wilderness preserve in the U.S., boasting 2,500 acres of natural wetlands, forest, and prairies. The nature center is also home to more than 370 animal species including birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians.
  • Bayou Wildlife Zoo
    This zoo offers trams rides through their 80-acre property where you’ll encounter more than 400 animals including buffalo, camels, and zebras.
  • Galveston Island
    From laid-back beaches and thrilling amusements waterpark, to historic mansion tours and incredible dining, Galveston Island has something for everyone.
  • Kemah Boardwalk & Waterfront
    This picturesque boardwalk features a massive wooden rollercoaster and other amusement park rides, waterfront dining, live shows, shopping, and more.
  • San Jacinto Monument Park 
    Discover why San Jacinto is often referred to as the birthplace of Texas at this important historic site. The monument itself is the tallest masonry column in the world, standing over 567 feet tall. Visitors can take an elevator to the top of the monument for sweeping views of the Houston Ship Channel, and explore the artifacts in the museum at the base of the monument.
  • Space Center Houston & NASA
    This world-renowned destination is home to the behemoth Saturn V Rocket, Historic Mission Control, and dozens of interactive exhibits and exciting events. Tram rides take visitors around the property to see astronaut training facilities and other points of interest.
  • Gulf Greyhound Race Park
    The park is home to Magical Winter Lights during the holidays, and serves as a greyhound racetrack during other months throughout the year.