Creekside Best Management Practices

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  2. Rain Gardens
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  4. Rainwater Harvesting
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Best Management Practices

Clear Creek is considered to be impaired by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality for high levels of bacteria and low levels of dissolved oxygen. These impairments are caused in part by polluted stormwater runoff from developed areas in League City and other communities in the watershed. Stormwater pollution is rarely intentional but rather is the cumulative result of our everyday actions. BMPs are a way to capture and treat polluted stormwater before it is released into our waterways.

Most of us give little thought to how we manage runoff from rain storms, but it has a significant impact on the world around us. Using Best Management Practices (BMPs) like rain gardens, pervious pavement, rain barrels, and bio-swales can treat water where it falls and reduce the negative effects of storm water runoff. BMPs can also help to mitigate flooding by encouraging infiltration and retaining water during the peak of the rain storm drain system, keeping it from overwhelming the system and therefore reducing flooding. BMPs can easily be incorporated into most any yard or landscaped area. If each of us were to make a small change, Clear Creek would see big results!

Clean Water Act Grant

In February 2011, the City of League City was awarded a Clean Water Act, Section 319(h) grant from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) through the Nonpoint Source Program for the purposes of constructing a WaterSmart Park and to investigate different Best Management Practices (BMPs) and financial incentives to encourage people to implement BMPs on their own property. As part of the grant, a task force was created to identify areas of the district which would benefit from the implementation of green infrastructure and stormwater Best Management Practices.

View the final report from the Creekside Best Management Retrofitting Taskforce (PDF).

View a slide show presentation regarding the Creekside Best Management Taskforce (PDF).