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4 Police Patrol Cars

Alarm Permits

The City of League City has adopted ordinance regulating the operation of alarm systems. The City of League City requires an alarm permit for each residence or business that operates an alarm system within the city limits. The League City Police Department enforces and administers the Alarm Permit Ordinance. Visit the Alarm Permit Administration website.

Analytical Reports & Data Dashboards

The League City Police Department utilizes cutting-edge data analysis tools to help identify hot spots, allocate resources, and improve public safety. Visit our data analytics website


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Crime Victims’ Services

The LCPD employs a full-time social worker to assist local victims of crimes with a variety of needs. The learn more about Crime Victims’ Compensation and other services we provide, visit the Crime Victims’ Services page.

Emergency Profile

Provide critical information linked to your cell phone and landline numbers prior to an emergency that will assist first responders in your time of need. The information is only accessed if you have an emergency. Sign up now.

Information Requests

Not all information is provided online. To find out how to request a complete copy, please visit our Records Management Services page or place a Public Information Request.

Moving Large Objects Permits

View the moving large objects permit.

Notary Services

Our staff is available to notarize documents for the public we serve. This service is available Monday to Thursday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Friday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Online Incidents & Police Reports

The LCPD online incident allows you to access the public copy of an offense report. To place a Public Information Request, please visit our Records Management Services page.

Office of Professional Standards

Our Department wants to ensure that every employee is conducting themselves professionally and displaying the highest standards of ethics and integrity. The Office of Professional Standards is our proactive approach to meet these goals.

Parade & Special Events Permits

View the parade and special event permit.

Printable Forms

Texas Department of Transportation Driver’s Crash Report
Identity Theft Recovery Plan
Power of Attorney (PDF)

Registered Sex Offenders

Citizens have access to local and state sex offender databases.

Solicitor Permit

By city ordinance, solicitors must obtain a permit prior to operating in League City.

Sound Permit

Fill out your sound permit for submission.

Vendor Agreement Certification

The Vendor Agreement Certification document (PDF) contains all the forms needed for vendors to gain access to our secure facility.

Wrecker Permit

Fill out a Wrecker Permit to be able to tow cars within the city limits.

311 Reporting: Report a City Issue

The Citizen Request Tracker is a tool that can be used to report your concerns to the City. It can be used for reporting street lights that are out, potholes, or other concerns. This tool is monitored during regular business hours only. For concerns that need immediate attention, please contact dispatch at 281-332-2566. Dial 911 for emergencies.