Reports & Studies

Reports with charts and graphs, a laptop, and a pen on the reports.

Reports & Studies

The City of League City uses data gathered from reports and studies to ensure City services meet or exceed requirements, while providing residents with a high standard of living.

Citizen Satisfaction Survey

This comprehensive survey is completed every two years. The feedback from residents is used to inform City Council and staff of shortcomings as well as areas of success. The data is then used to help guide the creation of plans and projects that residents want to see.

View the survey here.

Drainage Studies

The City has commissioned several studies—both local and regional—to examine flooding issues with the goal of generating impactful, data-supported projects. 

Drinking Water Quality

This annual report is required by the USA Environmental Protection Agency as part of the Clean Water Act, and provides the public with documentation to ensure the safety of our City’s drinking water.

Drinking Water Quality Report (PDF)