Historic Resources Survey

Final Survey

The Planning Department is in the process of updating the survey. If you have questions about a property, please contact the Planning Department at 281-554-1080.

About Historic Resources Surveys

"A Historic Resources Survey is a systematic method of documenting historic resources through fieldwork and research. Each historic resource is documented with photographs, maps, and a written description on a form. Undertaking a survey to identify historic resources acknowledges that these resources have value to the community and future generations. Historic resources provide character, continuity and a sense of uniqueness to the community. A survey is fundamental to historic preservation because it results in the identification of historic resources, helps determine which of those resources should be preserved and can be essential in shaping local ordinances, guidelines or downtown master plans to protect these resources. The purpose of completing a local survey is to gather the information needed to plan for the wise use of a community's resources. Historic resources are districts, sites, buildings, structures and objects that are significant in American history, architecture, archaeology, engineering and culture." Source:Texas Historical Commission

Survey Boundaries & Properties

If your property is within the survey boundary and was built in 1970 or earlier, your property was surveyed. If your property is located within the survey boundary and was built in 1971 or later, your property was not surveyed. This survey will not change the boundaries of the Historic District, but may be used for future amendments.

For historic-age buildings in the current Historic District boundary, CMEC will make a determination of whether or not a building is contributing or non-contributing towards the Historic District. For properties outside of the current Historic District boundary, but within the survey boundary, CMEC will provide recommendations about whether each historic-age building could contribute to the current Historic District, if it were to be extended.

A map of the boundaries of the district can be found here.