Risk Management and Safety

Safety is important here at the City of League City. We want everyone to be able to get home safely to their friends and family. Unfortunately, accidents do happen. Here at the City, we want to make sure that, should there be a chance we are at fault, we want the process of filing a claim with our insurance carrier to be as simple as possible. With that, we have made the Claim Form available online and are providing some basic frequently asked questions here to understand the process.


Question: The City of League City damaged my property or resulted in an injury. What do I do?

Answer: Our Human Resources Department is the City’s Point of Contact for Risk Management. You may file a claim with by filing the attached Claim for Damages Form (PDF).

Question: I filed my claim. What happens next?

AnswerTexas Municipal League Intergovernmental Risk Pool (TMLIRP) is the City’s insurance carrier. Once your claim has been received, TMLIRP will assign an adjuster to investigate and handle your claim. You can expect to hear from an adjuster within 10-15 days upon receipt of the claim.

Question: How long does the investigation process take?

AnswerThe investigation process may take several days or weeks, dependent on the complexity and nature of your claim. Investigations may include contact with the City worker(s) and/or City Department involved in the incident, a visit to the site for further inspection and photographs related to the incident and additional follow-up as necessary to ensure a thorough review of your claim.

If your claim is valid, and the City is legally obligated to pay, you will receive a letter advising you that your claim has been accepted. The adjuster will then advise you of the settlement amount and provide you with a Release of Claim Form. The Form must be signed, notarized and returned to the assigned adjuster before TMLIRP sends you a settlement check. If your claim is denied, an explanation of the reason(s) your claim was denied will be provided in the letter from the adjuster.

Question: What happens once I accept a settlement offer?

AnswerOnce you sign the Release of Claims form that you received from the assigned adjuster, please arrange to sign the letter before a Notary Public and return the original to the adjuster as soon as you are able. Please be aware that it may take several days after the receipt of your Release of Claims document for TMLIRP to process your settlement check. Also, please recognize that once you sign the Release and receive the settlement check, your claim is concluded, and the decision is considered final.

Question: Who do I speak with if I disagree with the denial of my claim?

Answer: Contact the TMLIRP adjuster assigned to your claim. The adjuster’s contact information can be found listed on your denial letter.

Question: I would rather pay for the repairs myself in advance of a decision related to my claim. Will the City reimburse me?

AnswerLeague City, via TMLIRP, will do its best to ensure we address your claim as fairly and promptly as possible. We understand this is an inconvenience. While liability for the incident is being investigated you are strongly advised to mitigate any additional damage. Some of the more common ways to mitigate additional damage include the following:

  • Contact your insurance company so they can assist you in mitigating your damage.
  • Protect your vehicle/property and its equipment/contents from further loss.
  • Complete any necessary emergency repairs, such as covering a broken window, door or removing water from your home to prevent additional damage.
  • Relocate your vehicle to a place where no daily storage fees are charged.

Question: I filed a claim a while ago but never heard from anyone. What do I do?

Answer: Call TMLIRP at 800-537-6655. 

Safety of Our Employees

On occasion, as much as we emphasize safety, our employee(s) may get hurt on the job. As such, HR would then need for him/her to file a Accident-Incident Report (PDF). Worker’s Compensation may or may not apply.