Public Improvement District Refunds

Council has approved using the disposition of the Interpleader case in PID 1 – Magnolia creek as guidance for issuing refunds in PID 2 and PID 3.

Continuing with the same methodology used to issue refunds in PID 1, the City contracted with the Special Master that assisted with determining refunds in the interpleader case.  For properties that had refunds identified during the reassessment process, the consultant reviewed the chain of title and payment history. With this information, they have calculated the proportionate refunds.

To determine if you are due a refund, please see the attached listings

PID 2 Refund Document (PDF)

PID 3 Refund Document (PDF)


Refund requests will be accepted by mail or in person only, using the PID Refund Request Form (PDF).  If the request is submitted my mail, the form must be notarized.  If the request is presented in person, government ID will be required.  To submit the refund request in person, please bring the completed form (notary not required) to:

City Hall – Finance Department

300 West Walker

League City, TX 77573