Daniel and Rebeca Roy

old couple posing together

Meet Daniel and Rebeca Roy, an inseparable pair who aim to share their love and passion for astronomy with the community through the new “Astronomy in the Park” program in League City.

Where are you two from?

I, Dan, am from Paris, France, and Rebeca is from Tepatitlan Mexico. We lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for decades where Rebe often said “frio” (which means cold in Spanish). For the last 3 years, it has been I who often says “chaud” (meaning hot in French).  We now plan to stay in League City and call it a “marriage compromise”! (laughs)

What is your background in?

I am an electronics engineer turned programmer and worked on bioengineering and space systems for large corporations before starting my own company. Rebe raised 3 sons under difficult circumstances and also succeeded in starting a computer business.

You and your wife are Citizen University alumni, how was your experience in the program? 

Citizen U showed us democracy in action where a few good-will citizens come together to solve practical problems to improve the lives of many.

After the program, you started helping run the Astronomy in the Park program in League City, what does it entail?

Along with friends from local clubs, we show the planets and other objects through telescopes and explain the working of the solar system and its place in the cosmos. We call upon mythology to make it fun and share a list of addresses on the net where one can find more information and free astronomy software.

Why did you decide to start the program and why do you think it’s important to offer it? 

We have always seen a strong interest in science, often from people who could not afford expensive instruments. Hearing the “wow, cool!” from kids and seeing the appreciation of adults is addictive. Who knows, perhaps this little girl who got so excited by Saturn will be the first human on Mars.

What is your favorite part about League City?

Our home in peaceful and relaxing South Shore Harbor.

Favorite hobby?  

Besides astronomy, we enjoy gardening and kayaking.

Favorite place to eat in League City? 

We like to cook but often share raw oysters with old friends from UHCL at Tommy’s.

How would you describe League City in one word? 

How about two: Vibrant but peaceful.

Fun fact about yourself?

Having a strong accent is relaxing. You can say whatever you want knowing that no one will understand you.

For information about 2019 dates for Astronomy in the Park events, check out the Parks and Recreational Beyond the Oaks Brochure (PDF)