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Christopher Sims
Director of Engineering
Phone: 281-554-1440
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Donna Ofsanko
Executive Assistant
Phone: 281-554-1445
Email Donna Ofsanko

Bobby Mills
Construction Inspector
Phone: 281-554-1438
Email Bobby Mills

Criss Wilcutt
Construction Inspector
Phone: 281-554-1449
Email Criss Wilcutt

Ramiro Moreno
Construction Inspector
Phone: 281-554-1438
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Charles Marcus
Engineering Technician
Phone: 281-554-1434
Email Charles Marcus

Matthew Brown
Assistant City Engineer
Phone: 281-554-1439
Email Matthew Brown

Jack Murphy
Senior Civil Engineer For Drainage
Phone: 281-554-1430
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Steven Packard
Construction Inspector
Phone: 281-554-1438
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Alex Noel
Floodplain and Stormwater Management Coordinator
Phone: 281-554-1428
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Sonia Phillips, M.S., P.E., C.F.M.
Floodplain Administrator/Drainage Engineer
Phone: 281-554-1498
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