Utility Billing Portal 

General Information

The Utility Billing Office handles water, sewage and garbage billing for the City. The office is located in City Hall next to the Municipal Court and the Johnnie Arolfo Civic Center.

Garbage Rate Increase 

New Trash Services:  As of May 1, 2023,  League City will enter into a new contract with AmeriWaste. As part of this contract, new services will be added and the garbage rates for residential customers will increase from $19.66 a month to $20.83 a month, including fees and sales tax.

Water Leaks & Sewer Blockages

League City residents may use the Citizen Request Tracker or call 311 during normal business hours to report a concern or make service requests. For after-hour emergencies or immediate assistance, please contact the Line Repair Department at 281-554-1390.

Graphic of waterline, sewer, and trash bin. text residential utility billing.
Graphic of commercial waterlines and water heater. text commercial utility billing.