Water Usage Tracker

View your water usage, set alerts, compare usage versus rainfall, plus print/download your data in PDF, CSV or XLS formats. A dashboard provides an overall view of your current and previous usage, your programmed alert(s), and City notifications.

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Information Provided

Water meters are billed in the thousands of gallons. The portal provides your meter’s details, such as the last meter reading in raw data format, today’s usage, and to date usage for the current billing period. The last read is the current transmitted meter reading, date and time.

This meter reading reflects a format based upon your meter size. Commercial meters (1 ½-inch to 3-inch) are read to the ones; first position prior to the decimal point. Commercial meters (4-inch to 10-inch) are read to the tens; second position prior to the decimal point.

The usage data provided is based upon the billing cycle meter read dates. These meter reads have been programmed into the portal. View your billing cycle’s read dates. Locate your area on the map, click the line labeled, “Utility Billing Schedule” and view your billing cycle’s bill dates for the year. View usage 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, 12 months and a manually selected date range. Download a copy of a usage chart in a PDF file format or download the data in a CSV or XLS format.

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Alerts are programmed by the customer. To assist, the portal provides average usage data for billing cycle usage and daily usage. These alerts can be programmed via email or text. In addition, the portal offers “vacation alert”, temporarily overrides your normal daily alert usage based on a date range.

Under User Settings, the Manage Account page allows accounts to be added or removed; only for monitoring purposes.

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