Comprehensive Drainage Plan & Flood Early Warning System - Project Completed

Budget: $800,000

Scope of work: Conduct a detailed hydraulic evaluation of open channels, culverts, and bridges within the City using 2-D modeling. Installation of a Flood Early Warning System with up to 10 rain/stream gauges in each watershed.

Subdivisions, areas, or streets impacted: Citywide

Comprehensive Drainage Plan and Flood Early Warning timeline schedule

Project Completed

Project Status as of September 2021

THMGP grant funded; issued RFQ to select design engineer with LJA selected from process; scoping meeting with LJA occurred on 9/26/19 to develop the design contract; design award was approved by Council on December 3, 2019; partnership with Harris County Flood Control for gage stations approved by Council on June 23, 2020; anticipate final report from 2D modeling by Fall 2021. Presentation to Citizens and Council held June/July 2021.

Original Schedule 

The original schedule, as of September 2019, shows the Citywide 2D Model of Drainage System study in progress from quarter 4 of 2019 through quarter 3 of 2021.

Current Schedule 

The current schedule, as of September 2021, shows the Citywide 2D Model of Drainage System study completed during quarter 4 of 2020 through quarter 2 of 2021. The flood gage stations are shown as complete from quarter 3 of 2020 through quarter 1 of 2021.