Silverio Guzman

man posing with a couple of mexican dishes

Tell us about La India Bonita:

La India Bonita is a family-owned and operated restaurant located in the heart of League City. We offer 100% authentic Mexican food. We make all types of tacos, barbacoa, pork, carnitas, fajita, menudo, quesadillas, you name it.

How long has your restaurant been open?

We opened this location in July of 2000. We just celebrated our 19th anniversary on the Fourth of July.

Where are you from?

I’m originally from Guerrero, Mexico and I arrived in the United States in 1982 when I was 17 years old. I came to this country with the shoes on my feet, a backpack with clothes, and a dream for a better life. I worked for Pappas BBQ for a brief period and worked as a butcher. Now here I am, serving the community.

What do you love about your job?

I love serving my clients and having them leave with a smile. For me, it’s a pleasure to serve people and I’ve been greatly blessed with this restaurant. I feel very blessed to be a Hispanic business owner. Being a minority does not mean you can’t get ahead in life and follow your dreams.

What do you like about the City?

I think League City is beautiful and very safe. The community is very well protected by our local police department. When I first opened my restaurant, some of the first people to come to try my food were the police officers, so I’ve built a very good relationship with the local law enforcement.

Why did you name your restaurant La India Bonita?

My father had a restaurant in Mexico with the same name for over 45 years. I always wanted to follow in his footsteps and open a restaurant with the same name in his honor.

Best thing to try at La India Bonita?

We serve delicious barbacoa. It’s our most popular dish.

Favorite place in League City?

I’ve always liked taking my kids to the League City Music Festival. We’ve gone since they were very young.


I like to spend time with my family at my ranch. I also like to relax by caring for my farm animals.