Winfield Road - New I-45 Frontage Road to Hobbs Road

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New I-45 Frontage Road to Hobbs Road Project Sheet (PDF)

Scope of Work

The scope of this project is to produce a preliminary engineering design report, which provides the City with two preliminary routes analysis and a 30% design on selected route for an approximately 1,000 linear feet of two-lane undivided urban roadway to connect Hobbs Road to I-45 Frontage Road. The report will also include a traffic study for intersection options at Hobbs Road, right-of-way needs to accommodate the proposed new roadway for each alignment, as well as a drainage study and impact mitigation options. The ultimate goal is to provide traffic relief to the FM 518 and Hobbs Road intersection.

Subdivisions, Areas, or Streets Impacted

Hobbs Road and I-45 Frontage Road

Project Status as of May 2022

Project staff recently reviewed and finalized the consultant’s proposal, and the contract will be presented for City Council’s consideration at the May 24 meeting. The preliminary design report is forecasted to take 154 days to complete. Construction is slated to take place in 2024.

Project Manager Contact Information

Jaime Dino
Phone: 281-554-1487
Email Jaime Dino

Aerial Map of Winfield Road – I-45 Frontage Road to Hobbs.

Aerial Map of Winfield Road – I-45 Frontage Road to Hobbs with Project Boundaries.