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We are proud to offer you a choice between three different medical plans that provide comprehensive medical and prescription drug coverage. The plans also offer many resources and tools to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Following is a brief description of each plan.

Medical Plans

  1. BCBS HDHP with HSA Plan
  2. BCBS Mid Plan
  3. BCBS Buy-Up Plan

The High-Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) gives you the freedom to seek care from the provider of your choice. You will maximize your benefits and reduce your out-of-pocket costs if you choose a provider who participates in the BCBS network. In addition, the HDHP comes with a health savings account (HSA) that allows you to save pre-tax dollars* to pay for any qualified health care expenses as defined by the IRS, including most out-of-pocket medical, prescription drug, dental and vision expenses. 

View list of eligible health care expenses (PDF)

In-Network Urgent Care Centers (PDF)

* Tax free under federal tax law (state taxation rules may apply).

Here’s how the HDHP with HSA Plan works:

  1. Annual Deductible: You must meet the entire annual deductible before the plan starts to pay for non-preventive medical and prescription drug expenses. NOTE: If you enroll one or more family members, you must meet the full FAMILY deductible before the plan starts to pay expenses for any one individual.
  2. Coinsurance: Once you’ve met the plan’s annual deductible, you are responsible for a percentage of your medical expenses, which is called coinsurance. For example, the plan may pay 80 percent and you may pay 20 percent.
  3. Annual Out-of-Pocket Maximum: Once your deductible and coinsurance add up to the plan’s annual out-of-pocket maximum, the plan will pay 100 percent of all eligible covered services for the rest of the calendar year. NOTE: If you enroll one or more family members, you must meet the full FAMILY out-of-pocket maximum before the plan starts to pay covered services at 100 percent for any one individual.
  4. Health Savings Account (HSA): You may contribute to your HSA through pre-tax payroll deductions to help offset your annual deductible and pay for qualified health care expenses. In addition, we will contribute $1,500 annually to your HSA if you enroll in employee-only coverage and $2,000 annually if you enroll yourself and one or more family members. To be eligible for the HSA, you cannot be covered through Medicare Part A or Part B or TRICARE programs. See the plan documents for full details.

Important: Your contributions, in addition to the company’s contributions, may not exceed the annual IRS limits listed below.

IRS Contribution Limits 202020212022
Employee Only$3,550$3,600
Catch-up (ages 55+)$1,000$1,000$1,000

Your HSA is yours for life. The money is yours to spend or save, regardless of whether you change health plans,* retire or leave the company. There is no “use it or lose it” rule. Your account grows tax free over time as you continue to roll over unused dollars from year to year. You decide how or if you want to spend your HSA funds. You can use it to pay for you and your dependents’ doctor’s visits, prescriptions, braces, glasses—even laser vision correction surgery.

*You must be enrolled in a qualified health plan to contribute to an HSA.

Your contributions toward the cost of medical coverage are automatically deducted from your paycheck before taxes.

HDHP with HSA - Medical Rates 
CoverageMinimum Employee Cost Share**
Employee + Spouse$135.74
Employee + Child(ren)$106.42

*Maximum Employee Cost Share reflects that the employee and/or spouse chose not to complete a health risk assessment (HRA).
**Minimum Employee Cost Share reflects that employee and spouse (if applicable) completed their HRA.

Please note: There may be slight variations in cost between the Maximum and Minimum Cost Share shown here based on HRA completion. For a better understanding of that calculation, please reach out to your City HR team.

BCBS HDHP with HSA Plan Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) (PDF)

Key Medical Benefits

Deductible (per calendar year)

Individual / Family
$2,800 / $5,200
$5,200 / $10,600
Out-of-Pocket Maximum (per calendar year)

Individual / Family
$5,200 / $10,600
$10,600 / $20,000
Company Contribution to Your Health Savings Account (HSA)

Individaul / Family
$1,500 / $2,000
$1,500 / $2,000
Covered Services

Office Visits
(physician / specialist)
Routine Preventive Care
No charge
Outpatient Diagnostic
(Lab / X-ray)
Complex Imaging
Emergency Room
Urgent Care Facility
Inpatient Hospital Stay
Outpatient Surgery
Prescription Drugs (Tier 1a / Tier 1b / Tier 2 / Tier 3 / Tier 4

Retail Pharmacy
(30-day supply)
Must meet deductible. Then copay appliesMust meet deductible. Then copay applies
Mail Order
(90-day supply)
Must meet deductible. Then copay applies
Must meet deductible. Then copay applies