Position 3 - Larry Millican

Larry is a native Texan, raised in Bellaire, a suburb of Houston. He married Monica in 1972. Larry and Monica moved to Clear Lake in 1976 and moved to their current home in League City in 1985.


Larry worked in the retail grocery business for 21 years, retiring in 1986 from the Kroger Company. Monica and Larry started a real estate brokerage and property management business in 1980, Pegasus Property Management, in Webster, Texas. Pegasus Property Management manages single family homes that are tenant occupied, commercial office buildings, and homeowner associations. Larry has run the real estate business full-time since retiring from the grocery business. Larry has owned other real estate businesses in Houston, a new boat dealership in Clear Lake, published two magazines for the sale of real estate, and developed new houses and commercial real estate.

Larry Millican

Personal Life

Larry enjoys hunting, fishing and scuba diving. Larry continues to hunt wild game across the United States and enjoys hunting wild turkeys the most. Larry has been scuba diving since 1968 and Monica joined in the fun beginning with the marriage. The two have traveled far and wide to remote locations seeking the new and less traveled dive areas over the years; diving more than 50 dives a year in most years. Larry loves to fish too!

Every weekend that Larry does not hunt, he fishes. Monica loves to fish also, so the boat, “Second Pleasure,” doesn’t leave the dock without her. Each weekend they would spend offshore fishing and diving. The Millicans have enjoyed the waters of Clear Creek and Clear Lake since 1964; water skiing, jet ski riding, parasailing and just boating the area.


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