Fostering is a key component to saving lives! Our foster caregivers save hundreds of lives each year by opening their homes and hearts to help our shelter animals. We are always in need of more foster caregivers and volunteers to assist with our foster program!

Fostering needs range from newborn kittens and puppies who need bottle feeding around the clock to healthy, adoptable dogs and cats who would just benefit from a break from the kennel while awaiting their forever home! Fosters provide a temporary home and lots of love while LCAC provides any necessary supplies and medications!

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Scared of commitment?

Fostering doesn’t have to be a long-term commitment! Foster caregivers can choose the timeline that best suits them – from a daytime outing, to 1-2 nights at home, to longer term commitments of 1-8 weeks! Check out some of our foster care options below!

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Dog Day Getaway

Dog Day Getaway encourages people to take dogs from local shelters on short outings and field trips in the community. Common Dog Day Getaways can include a hike, a trip to the beach or lake, a sleepover in a home, a trip through the drive-thru, or even a nice dinner on the patio of a pet friendly restaurant. These outings help shelter dogs manage kennel stress, burn off energy. and get more exposure in their communities. This program was based on the Doggy Day Out program created by Mutual Rescue.

Dog Day Getaway Punch CardTo participate in LCAC’s Dog Day Getaway Program, simply stop by the shelter during business hours!

The Dog Day Getaway program now offers a fun reward system! Pick up your Punch Card when you participate to win prizes such as a free t-shirt!

Home for the Holidays

Is a nationwide initiative to help move shelter animals into home environments for the holidays! Holiday foster caregivers will simply pick up their temporary house guest before the holiday, provide them with a great experience, and then drop them back off when the holiday ends with no obligation to keep them longer term! And if our foster family is having a great experience, they are welcome to turn their holiday guest into a longer term guest by continuing to foster or even adopting their new buddy!

The weeks of Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, and Independence Day are the most common holidays that foster families tend to pick up a shelter pet, however we welcome Home for the Holidays fosters for all holidays or even Spring Break!

Happy dog wearing a Santa hat.

Sleepovers & Weekend Fostering

Allows foster caregivers to provide a fun or relaxing evening to a shelter pet, allowing them a nice break from the kennel! Having a positive experience at home will help make your shelter pet more adoptable and give us more information about the pet's personality in a home setting! This is also a great option for those who would love to have a pet of their own, but their busy lifestyle prevents it!

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Nursery Foster Homes

Are needed for neonatal (newborn) puppies and kittens. Nursery fosters may provide a safe home for mothers with litters to raise their babies until they are large enough to be weaned and adopted. It is crucial that nursing moms are moved out of the shelter to reduce stress. Nursery fosters are also vital for orphaned newborns who cannot survive without nurturing care around the clock. While this is a time and labor-intensive commitment, it is so worthwhile to watch these little ones grow and get adopted!

Puppy being fed by volunteer.

Other Foster Needs

We often need foster homes for ill, injured, stressed, or under-socialized animals, however all shelter animals can benefit from the care of a loving foster home! If you’d like to help with a specific need or type of pet, just let us know and we’ll be more than happy to help match you with a shelter pet that would love to go home with you! Most foster pets are in foster care anywhere from one to eight weeks.

Girl petting cat.

Key Responsibilities

  • Provide a safe, clean, and caring environment
  • Provide exercise and socialization if appropriate
  • Monitor for physical and mental well-being
  • Transport to and from any necessary vet appointments
  • Transport to and from offsite adoption events when needed
  • Follow-up and arrange meet & greets with potential adopters

Still have questions about fostering? Send an email to Foster A Pet!