Fleet Management

League City Fleet Management is an internal service division of the city providing departments with safe, reliable, economically sound transportation and related support services while conserving vehicle value and equipment investment.

The staff maintains readiness on a very diverse selection of equipment to assure the city’s supported departments can stay effective and efficient. Exercising the industries best practices while maintaining a cost-effective budget is of the upmost importance to the fleet management team.

Fleet Services

Fleet staff operates a repair facility with nine employees providing services to over 550 vehicles, heavy equipment, trailers, and related pieces of equipment. The department is responsible for preventative maintenance, vehicle inspections and maintenance, repairs, road call assistance, fueling services, vehicle purchases and disposal, equipment specifications, modifications, and fabrication, and motor pool operations. 

Fleet Operations

Fleet staff maintains the replacement schedule guidelines and criteria to control funding and replacement cycles for vehicles and equipment.  Determining the optimal life cycle of an asset is a key goal for fleet management.  The life cycle includes everything from acquisition to disposal, maintenance, operations, training, and improvements.  Vehicle age, usage, condition, application, mileage, maintenance costs, and depreciation all impact the decision to replace or retain fleet units.  

Staff works with other departments to establish specifications designed to meet the department’s needs. Upon adoption of annual budget, a list of all approved new or replacement fleet units will be provided.  All acquisitions meet state mandates regarding purchasing.

Fuel Management

Staff manages the ultra-low sulfur diesel and unleaded gasoline products using FuelForce Fuel Management

Systems to control self-serve pumps located throughout the city at Public Works Service Yard (1535 Dickinson Avenue),

Fire Station 3 (3575 FM 518 East) and Fire Station 4 (175 Bay Area Blvd). 


General Fleet
Police Fleet
EMS Fleet
Fire Fleet
Heavy Equipment
Light Equipment
Marine 6

Fleet Management Contact Information

Title Phone Email
Yvonne Calderon Fleet Manager 281-554-1310 Email Yvonne Calderon
Misty Ferro Admin Assistant 281-554-1313 Email Misty Ferro
John Norgan Shop Forman 281-554-1312 Email John Norgan
Wesley Baker Service Writer 281-554-1311 Email Wesley Baker
Roger Howard Senior Mechanic 281-554-1316 Email Roger Howard
Sterrett Bell Senior Mechanic 281-554-1316 Email Sterrett Bell
Frank Jaramillo Senior Mechanic 281-554-1316 Email Frank Jaramillo
Tim Connelly Senior Mechanic 281-554-1316 Email Tim Connelly
Tim Hughes Mechanic 281-554-1316 Email Tim Hughes