Opossum in a pet bed.

While League City Animal Care’s Animal Protection Officers work primarily with domestic pets, they will also work with local rehabbers and transporters to help injured or orphaned wildlife or wildlife that is inside a human dwelling. Officers will not respond to calls to remove healthy wildlife from their natural habitat.

Learn more about co-existing with native wildlife or how to prevent unwanted houseguests.

If you have a concern with nuisance wildlife, please visit the Nusiance Wildlife or Problem Animals webpages.

It is important to be sure that wildlife truly needs help before we disturb it. Our friends at the Wildlife Center of Texas offer some great tips to help answer that question.

For a list of Wildlife Rehabilitators in your area, please visit the Rehabilitors webpage.

To request assistance from one of our Animal Protection officers, please call the police dispatch line at 281-332-2566.

For more on Texas Wildlife, please visit the Wild webpage.