City Animal Ordinances

League City has city ordinances that address animal nuisances, requirements, occupancy, and a number of other questions you may have.

  • Leash Laws & Containment 

    • The city’s ordinance prohibits animals from “running at large”. This means that animals must be under “direct physical (not verbal) control” and/or in a secure enclosure in both public and private places.
  • Pet Registration

    • The ordinance requires that all dogs, cats, and ferrets over 3 months of age be registered with the city annually and wear a city registration tag. To register your pet, please visit the shelter during business hours with a current rabies certificate.
  • Spayed/Neuter Animal

    • No registration fee.
  • Intact Animal

    • $4.00 registration fee.
  • Keeping of Wildlife & Exotic Animals

    • Wild or exotic animals may not be kept as pets within the city.
  • Pet Limits 

    • Residents may not keep, harbor, possess, or maintain more than four dogs or cats within the city. 

You may view League City’s Animal Ordinances (Code of Ordinance Article 1 Section 18) in their entirety.

Find Texas’ state laws pertaining to animals here.

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