Temporary Telecommunicator Operator

Telecommunicator sitting and wearing a headset while working at dispatch center.

LCPD is now hiring current, experienced telecommunicators for various temporary shifts to answer emergency 911 calls and non-emergency telephone calls.

Pick shifts that work with YOUR schedule!

Telecommunicators with League City answer emergency 911 calls and non-emergency telephone calls. They provide lifesaving instructions while effectively communicating and relaying critical information between and among first responders and citizens. Telecommunicators play an essential part in the Public Safety System by dispatching emergency personnel and first responders to Police, Fire, and EMS calls for service 24/7.  This position is a safety-sensitive and/or DOT position that requires participation in City's random drug testing.

Example of Duties

This job description intends to provide a representative summary of employees' primary duties and responsibilities in this job. Employees may be requested to perform job-related tasks other than those specifically presented in this description. 

  • Operate a computer-aided dispatch system in conjunction with a radio system to dispatch appropriate field units via radio, relay information to mobile units, and receive and process information for departmental officials while constantly monitoring and maintaining contact with field units.
  • Operate a radio system for Police, Fire, EMS, Fire Marshall, and after-hour City services.
  • Ensure Updates and necessary information to appropriate City departments and public safety agencies promptly.
  • Answers incoming multi-line Emergency 911 telephone calls and delivers lifesaving medical instructions.
  • Answer and direct incoming non-emergency multi-line phones, including calls to the jail, administration, records, CID, animal control, traffic division, and calls for services received at the department. 
  • Processes and retrieves data from the TCIC/NCIC system and monitors incoming teletypes and other information required by departmental and state guidelines.
  • Maintain required specialized training certificates and licenses.
  • Confirm and process international, national, state, and City warrants, hit confirmations, entries, and other documents according to policy and related laws.
  • Contact other law enforcement agencies, citizens, wrecker companies, utilities, railroads, City departments, and other support functions to properly handle and process calls for service.
  • Perform related work as required. 

Minimum Qualifications 

  • High School Diploma or equivalent is required.
  • Must be a current telecommunicator of any League City Consortium member agencies who utilize the Central Square (formerly Superion, SunGard, or OSSI) CAD Computer Aided Dispatch System is required.
  • Must have radio experience with the ability to operate, hear, and understand radio traffic for all disciplines. 
  • A current TCOLE Telecommunications License and Basic Telecommunications Certification are required.
  • Minimum one-year telecommunicator experience is required.
  • Current non-expired TCIC/TLETS certification is required.
  • TCIC Full Access Operator Training Course TCOLE#4802-24 hours or the prior retired equivalent TCIC/NCIC for Full Access Operators TCOLE #3802-16 hours is required.  
  • Emergency Medical Dispatch Certification preferred.
  • Letter from agency head authorizing extra job employment and stating that the applicant is in good standing with no disciplinary issues within the past 12 months.
  • Submission of Personal History Statement submitted to the agency currently holding the applicant's license to include: 
  • Copy of Military discharge if applicable.
  • Certified copy of any court dispositions for all charges class B and above or Class C involving family violence or official duties