Surajit Sarkar

surajit sarkar

Tell us about your scale modeling hobby.

I picked up scale modeling when my son was very young. I have been making scale models for three or four years now. I do railroad modeling, car modeling, and replicas of buildings. Last year, I made a few police cars for the police officers of League City and residents of League City who reached out to me through They are exact replicas of the original vehicles and make great keepsakes.

What is the process behind making your cars? How long does it take you to create them?

It takes about a day to make them, but you really have to concentrate because the car is small and there are a lot of tiny details. The cars are all diecast metal of 1:64 scale, which means they are approximately three to four inches in length. I occasionally work with 1:24 scale cars, which are about seven to eight inches in length. The tools I use include tweezers, decal sheets of the car details, and water. My son helps me with the decals, cutting them and helping to place them on the cars. 



What project are you working on now?

I am working on a model of the League City police station right now. In the future, I want to start creating a collection of the Texas authorities scale model cars.

What was your inspiration for picking scale modeling as a hobby?

My son, Arohan, inspired me. He is the drive and reason behind my scale models. He loves police cars and utility cars. Whenever I make a car model, he always needs to have a copy of it. He has a huge collection of police cars that I’ve created for him. 

Do you have any advice for beginners who want to make scale models?

Scale modeling is a great hobby to have, especially for kids. It opens up a miniature world for you. It keeps you colorful and young at heart. It takes a lot of patience and concentration, but it’s rewarding. 

What do you like about living in League City?

My family and I lived in Pennsylvania and L.A. before we moved to League City. We fell in love with League City from the moment we came here in 2019. It’s a very good, safe, and friendly community. 

 Where is your favorite place to go in League City?

The Helen Hall Library and any of the parks. 

Favorite restaurant?

We enjoy Esteban's.

Describe your perfect day.

Any sunny day where I can work on a model and go out to eat good food somewhere.