Mike Stone

Volunteer and mike stone on a boat during a clear creek cleanup. text LC local.

Tell us about yourself

I’ve lived in League City since 1986. I used to own Muff-It Muffler on Highway 3. I have been very involved with League City’s community since 1999. I love League City. I’m semi-retired and plan to stay here in this city to enjoy my life. I’m the president of the Clear Creek Environmental Foundation and help organize the annual Clear Creek Cleanup we have in League City.

What is the Clear Creek Cleanup?

It is an annual cleanup event that the Clear Creek Environmental Foundation organizes to help pick up the trash from Clear Creek. We partner with Nassau Bay Peninsula Cleanup to help each other out and pick up trash and load it onto barges and in dumpsters. We’ve collected everything from refrigerators, freezers, couches, dresser drawers, tires, and of course, lots of plastic items and general trash. We’ve even pulled out a couple of cars and boats from the creek. It’s a great way to do community service. Volunteers ranging from Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, students from surrounding schools, and more come out to help. This year, we have a group from a gym, a book club, and a high school coach with a group of athletes coming to participate. It’s definitely a community effort to clean up the creek.

How did the Clear Creek Cleanup get started?

A group of my friends and I started our very first cleanup way back in 1999. Walter Hall himself told us that we needed to turn it into a regular thing. In 2000, we created the Clear Creek Environmental Foundation and I’ve been president of the foundation for about 10-12 years now. In the beginning, we would go out one day a year to clean up the creek. In 2015, we started doing cleanups every weekend of January and February.

Two men riding on a boat dressed in orange shirts. text don't mess with clear creek.

What can we look forward to for this cleanup event?

This year we are doing things a bit differently. It’s going to be a one-day event this year. It’ll be on February 12, from 8 a.m. to noon at the League City Boat Ramp on Hwy 270 between FM 518 and NASA Road 1. Our main agenda is to help Nassau Bay with their cleanup. We have quite a few groups signed up so far. We have a 40-yard dumpster coming that the City of League City is providing. For everyone who volunteers, Esteban’s is going to be providing meals. Volunteers will also receive a free t-shirt.

Why do you think it’s important to have these cleanups?

I am an avid fisher, I like to fish, and I like to see the waters of the creek thrive with marine life instead of with trash. It’s beneficial for both us and wildlife when we clean up Clear Creek.

What’s your favorite place to eat in League City?


What is one word that describes League City?


Describe your perfect day

I love to get out and meet and greet my neighbors.

What do you love most about League City?

I like the location of League City as well as the people, and there are so many different activities to do here. You're close to the water, and Galveston and Houston.

Register for the Clear Creek Cleanup, or find out more information by visiting Clear Creek Environmental Foundation’s Facebook page.