Ashley Newell


What is Mounting Horizons and how are you a part of it?

Mounting Horizons is a local non-profit and Center for Independent Living (CIL) that serves individuals with disabilities and senior citizens within Galveston County and surrounding areas, with a focus on increasing their level of inclusion within the community. I serve primarily as a Transition Advocate, working with youth with disabilities ages 14–22 on their advocacy, leadership, and independent living skills.

How long have you been working with this non-profit?

I have been working with Mounting Horizons for three years now and was part of their program for two years before then.

How long have you lived in League City?

I’ve lived in League City with relatives for about seven years as an adult and went to Hyde Elementary and League City Intermediate School as a child. 

What current programs does Mounting Horizons offer for people with disabilities and seniors?

Our current programs include transportation services that are ADA accessible within Galveston County and parts of Harris County, employment and vocational services through referrals from the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC), transition to adulthood (TAP) programming with local school districts, classes via Zoom on independent living skills, and more! A major service that we have been providing of late is helping individuals with disabilities seek affordable housing or connect with agencies that provide rent and utility assistance. We’re always happy to answer questions and help people connect with the services they are seeking. 

What does the non-profit’s motto “The Sky is the Limit!” mean?

Dream big—the only one who can determine what you can accomplish/are capable of is yourself. This is important for many of us with disabilities, as sometimes we are told that we cannot participate or try to achieve due to limitations. 

What do you dream to accomplish in League City? 

I want to increase the level of inclusion and participation of community members who are part of marginalized groups, advocate for increased accessibility within our growing city, and help those who are struggling to connect with available resources. 

Tell us about the “Oh’ the Places We Would Go” project at the Helen Hall Library.

“Oh’ the Places We Would Go” is an art installation of artwork created by members of the Young Adult Advocates Leadership (Y.A.A.L.) Club and two of the co-facilitators. Each artwork is of a place each participant would love to be able to get to independently, but cannot due to a lack of public transportation. Some individuals want to fly out of state but cannot get to an airport without help from family members. Some members just want to be able to get out of the house and see their friends but have limited options to do so.

What is your favorite place to eat in League City?

I would have to say it’s a tie between Red River BBQ, Pomodoro’s, and San Lorenzo’s on Marina Bay Drive. 

What is your favorite part of League City?

This is a tie between Helen Hall Library and the walking trails in my family’s neighborhood. I love walking around the lake and having all the oak trees but am also a huge bookworm.

Describe League City in a few, short words.

Oak trees galore, rapid expansion, and a burgeoning art scene! 

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