Bay Colony Park



Scope of Work

Design and construct a new park of approximately 106 acres that will include a 5-field girls softball complex, a 4-field Pony-Colt baseball complex, 2 soccer fields, 2 playgrounds, a 5K Trail, a 9-hole disc golf course, tennis/pickleball courts, lighted parking and roads, restrooms, concession stands, detention ponds, irrigation, and landscaping.

Subdivisions, Areas, or Streets Impacted 

The park, within the Bay Colony development, will be accessed from Ervin Street and possibly from Calder Drive.

Project Status as of October 2023

The 30% design submission was returned to the consultant with review comments on August 24, 2023.  The 60% Construction Document submittal was received from the consultant in late September 2023.  Plans for an entrance into the east side of the park from Calder Drive are being developed but are delayed due to negotiations with the owner. Metes and Bounds have been requested so our right-of-way manger can get an appraisal and begin the acquisition process for the ROW needed for the road. This is an important entrance as it will supplement the two entries into the north part of the park from Ervin Street, providing better ingress and egress from the park, especially during ball games and other large, heavily-attended events. A right turn lane will be required into the eastern entrance off Ervin Street to reduce congestion on Ervin Street.

Remediation work is now being studied and will be carried out by the Texas RR Commission. We will coordinate so no delays in construction occur. Currently, Construction Documents are scheduled to be complete and reviewed by COLC by 5/1/24, according to the 60% submittal schedule. TPWD review is currently scheduled for 5/2/24 through 6/3/24, if the Outdoor Grant is approved. Bidding could take place as early as 6/11/24 if all TPWD Grant agreement documents are in place but those generally take several months to work through TPWD and the local sponsor (COLC). Therefore, construction is not likely until the last quarter of 2024 at the earliest. A more detailed timeline is being developed.

As mentioned previously the Grand Parkway alignment through the southern part of the park has been finalized and will not affect the recreational uses of the park because areas south of the Grand Parkway will become detention for the park facilities; no recreational facilities will be constructed south of the Grand Parkway/Highway 99 corridor.

Project Manager Contact Information

Bob Duke
Phone: 281-554-1456
Email Bob Duke

Aerial Map Rendering of Bay Colony Park Project

Graphic Aerial Map Rendering of Bay Colony Park Project.