Historic Drainage Improvements Study



Scope of Work

The scope of work includes a hydrologic & hydraulic analysis and preliminary engineering services necessary to address flooding in the Historic District in the vicinity of Wisconsin Street. This drainage study will confirm the problem and recommend a fully mitigated solution, including outfall recommendations to Clear Creek near the Butler Longhorn Museum. The project includes the following key tasks: update previous InfoWorks ICM 2D model for Atlas 14, evaluate improvement performance with Atlas 14, develop outfall options and coordinate those options with the City’s Project Manager, and prepare a rainfall data drainage study report.

Subdivisions, Areas or Streets Impacted

Wisconsin Street

Project Status as of August 2022

The consultant is currently working on upgrading the historical LAN/LJA 2D models to the Infoworks ICM current software version.

Project Manager Contact Information

Marcos Garcia
Phone: 281-554-1486
Email Marcos Garcia

Aerial Map of the Historic District Drainage Improvements Study

Aerial map of the historic district drainage improvements study and study boundaries.