Extension of Hobbs Road to FM 517 – Preliminary Engineering Report


$2.9 million 

Scope of Work

This project will provide better access, drainage improvements, and intersection improvements at the Hobbs Road and FM 517 intersection. The project evolved during a FY 2021 Council Budget Work Session on how to best utilize additional funds from the Operating Budget into the Capital Improvement Plan. It was determined to use these funds to design an extension of Hobbs Road to FM 517. The ultimate scope of the project is to construct approximately 1,880 feet of four-lane divided urban roadway from the existing terminus approximately 266 feet south of the intersection of Oracle Drive and Hobbs Road to FM 517. Though the design will include all four lanes, the City will only construct the two southbound lanes (western portion) at this time with the remaining two northbound lanes (eastern portion) to be constructed at a later date.

Subdivisions, Areas, or Streets Impacted

Hobbs Road at FM 517

Project Status as of July 2022

On December 14, City Council held a work session to discuss the report and directed staff to begin the process of negotiating a design contract for Phase 2 Final Design. The consultant submitted a proposal which is currently under
review by City staff. An award of the final design contract is anticipated in August.

Project Manager Contact Information

Marcos Garcia
Phone: 281-554-1486
Email Marcos Garcia

Map Rendering of Hobbs Road Extension at FM 517 with Project Boundaries

Map Rendering of Hobbs Road Extension at FM 517 with Project Boundaries.