Dallas Salmon Wastewater Treatment Plant Activated Sludge (RAS) Pump Improvements



Scope of Work

The Return Activated Sludge (RAS) pump system plays a vital role in the wastewater treatment process and must be reliable and be able to always maintain peak performance. This project will provide modifications and replacement of the six existing horizontal end suction RAS pumps. It will also provide for the removal and replacement of associated suction and discharge piping, as well as replacement of the RAS pinch valves, including a maintenance bypass loop used to control the RAS flow to the aeration basins.

Subdivisions, Areas or Streets Impacted

Dallas Salmon Wastewater Treatment Plant

Project Status as of August 2023

All work at RAS pump areas one and two is complete.  Wharton – Smith to schedule a 20” bypass and coordinate with Plant staff for this activity.   The bypass is scheduled to occur in the month of September pending coordination with plant staff.

Project Manager Contact Information

Marcos Garcia
Phone: 281-554-1486
Email Marcos Garcia

Aerial map of the Dallas Salmon Wastewater Treatment Plant Activated Sludge and Pump Improvements.