Gilmore Elementary/Claremont Connector Trail Bridge Project



Scope of Work

This project connects the Claremont Connector Trail to Gilmore Elementary School as a direct route to school. It will also further connect the League City trail system.

Subdivisions, Areas, or Streets Impacted

Villages of Oak Creek Colony, Claremont, and Landing

Project Status as of February 2023

The design kickoff meeting for this CIP project was held December 6, 2021. After reviewing alternate layouts for the trail, the City has chosen the option that is anticipated to be least costly, as well as a more direct route for end users, and a shorter bridge span. The design is currently at 90% completion, but is also being considered for the State TA call for projects which would provide outside funding for construction of the trail. Preliminary rounds of accepted projects will be decided in April 2023. If funded; plans will be revised to meet TxDOT requirements and bid next year. If not selected, bidding will proceed as scheduled in the summer 2023.

Project Manager Contact Information

Scott Tuma
Phone: 281-554-1431
Email Scott Tuma

Aerial Map of Gilmore Elementary/Claremont Connector Trail with Project Boundaries.

Aerial Map of Gilmore Elementary and Claremont Connector Trail with Project Boundaries.