Hometown Heroes Park 5K Loop Trail & East Side Dog Park


$1.7 million 

Subdivisions, Areas, or Streets Impacted 

Hometown Heroes Park

Scope of Work 

The three planned improvements to League City’s Hometown Heroes Park—the 5K Loop Trail, the East Side Dog Park, and the Fitness/Obstacle Course—were combined into one project in January 2020, as TBG’s design contract was amended to include the Fitness Course and some alternate items for the Dog Park. The 5K Loop, approved and funded in 2017 by the 4B Corporation, will completely encircle the existing park with an additional loop taking in an undeveloped portion of the park to the east of the current recreational facilities and the eastern-most parking lot. The trail will consist of a 10-foot-wide decomposed granite trail bounded by two concrete curbs to stabilize the trail surface material and lower maintenance costs. The Dog Park will be constructed adjacent to but outside of the trail within the undeveloped section of the park. The Fitness/Obstacle Course will be southeast of the Recreation Center near the park boundary and accessed easily from the eastern parking lot.

Project Status as of May 2022

Remainder of concrete curb and decomposed granite placement was completed on May 2. Trash receptacles, bike racks, and solar light bollards have also been installed throughout the trail. Turf installation for the obstacle course is complete except for the white lettering, which is expected to be complete by the week of the May 23. In preparation for the City’s upcoming Red, White, & Blue Top Gun-5K Run, a preliminary walk-through inspection will take place on May 18 to ensure no hazards or construction debris to the public are present.

Topsoil import activity along with final grading for the Dog Park is complete. Vegetation establishment activities will take place during the week of May 23, weather permitting. Installation of perimeter fencing is forecasted to be complete within the next couple of weeks. The proposed sanitary sewer that will service the future dog fountain is currently under construction and will continue for the next couple of weeks, due to material shortages.  

Construction of the trail is anticipated to be complete by May 9, 2022. The Dog Park is forecasted to be complete by June 2022, weather permitting.

Project Manager Contact Information

Jaime Dino
Phone: 281-554-1487
Email Jaime Dino

Aerial Map of the Hometown Heroes Park 5K Loop Trail & East Side Dog Park

Aerial Map of the Hometown Heroes Park 5K Loop Trail and East Side Dog Park with Project Boundaries.