Meadowbend 16-inch Force Main Replacement Project



Scope of Work

The scope of this project is to replace approximately 7,300 linear feet of existing force main along FM 518 (between Louisiana Avenue and South Shore Boulevard), south along South Shore Boulevard to the Meadowbend lift station site. The new proposed 16-inch force main alignment will start at the Meadowbend lift station site and will run west along the City’s drainage ditch towards Meadow Parkway to FM 518, and then west along FM 518 to the discharge manhole near Louisiana Avenue.

Subdivisions, Areas or Streets Impacted

Meadowbend Subdivision 

Project Status as of August 2023

Installation of the force main has been completed and tie ins to the existing force main were completed the week of July 25th. The old force main has been plugged and abandoned in place. General construction cleanup has been on going. A substantial completion inspection will be scheduled for Wednesday, August 30th.  Close-out phase will be ongoing in the following weeks.

Project Manager Contact Information

Jaime Dino
Phone: 281-554-1487
Email Jaime Dino

Aerial Map of the Meadowbend 16-inch Force Main Replacement.

Aerial Map of the Meadowbend 16-inch Force Main Replacement with Project Boundaries.