South Shore Lift Station 1 & 2 Improvements



Scope of Work

Our annual program systematically rebuilds and rehabilitates older lift stations. These two lift stations were constructed in the early 1980’s (forty years ago) and are critical stations serving large areas. The lift stations have been subjected to flooding of dry pits during tropical weather events of the past where the complete function of the facility was lost until electrical and pumps could be restored. Rehabilitation improvements will enhance operability, reliability, and safety.

Subdivisions, Areas, or Streets Impacted

South Shore Subdivision and Masters Drive

Project Status as of May 2022

Permanent power was finally established by Texas New Mexico Power (TNMP) on April 25 for South Shore lift station No. 1. The contractor will be starting up the newly furnished lift station in the upcoming weeks. If all components correlated to the lift station are in working order, the lift station will be set to operate automatically without the assistance of continuous bypass pumping. Project Staff have been working with TNMP in providing a resolution in expediting electrical service upgrades to the lift station No. 2 facility. The City will also be meeting with the South Shore HOA board on April 28 to discuss easement acquisition that is needed for TNMP to provide lift station No. 2 with permanent power.  Barring weather, construction is anticipated to be complete in July 2022.

Project Manager Contact Information

Jaime Dino
Phone: 281-554-1487
Email Jaime Dino

Aerial Map of South Shore Lift Station 1 & 2 Improvements.

Aerial Map of South Shore Lift Station 1 and 2 Improvements with Project Boundaries.