Submit a Program/Class Proposal

The following is information about League City Parks and Recreation program policies. It will help you complete the Program Proposal Form at the end of this document.

Program Submission Deadline
If an agreement is made with the City to offer your program(s), all information must be submitted no later than the following dates to be included in the brochure:

  • Summer book for June through August programs: January 15
  • Fall book for September through November programs: May 15
  • Winter book for December through February programs: August 15
  • Spring book for March through May programs: November 15

Program Registration 
League City Parks and Recreation performs all program registration. 

Fees & Instructor Payment
70% of program fees are paid to the instructor. Please structure your proposed program fees accordingly. Instructor payment is processed at the conclusion of each scheduled program.

Program Promotion
The League City Parks and Recreation department markets programs/classes for all Independent Contractors in various ways and is always open to brainstorming new opportunities. However, Independent Contractors are encouraged to market classes/programs on their own to ensure successful enrollment numbers. The more the program/class is marketed, the better the opportunity for Independent Contractors to increase their earning potential.

Typical Promotion by League City Parks and Recreation Department

Registration can be done online or in person at either Hometown Heroes Park or The Community Center.

Flyers are made for certain programs and activities. These are posted at recreation centers, libraries, and other city facilities. All flyers must be approved by the Parks and Recreation marketing staff and include the City logo before distribution.

Recreation staff will take photographs of programs for future promotional purposes.

Other Information to Consider

  • Programs often take time to gain popularity. Titles, program fees, and program descriptions may be adjusted to help increase enrollment. 
  • You cannot use programs to sell products or services - excluding program supplies.
  • Make sure the facility can accommodate your projected attendance and the equipment you will need to provide the program.

Please complete all information requested in the Program Proposal Form. Fill out a separate form for each program you would like to teach. One of the program coordinators will reach out to you to discuss your proposal.

For more information, please review our Contractor Reference Guide or contact us at 281-554-1180 or 281-554-1250.