Business Registration

Operating a Business in League City

A business registration should be applied for in the following instances:

  1. If you are operating in a commercial space in League City
  2. If the name, ownership, or use of your business space is changing
  3. If you are moving the location of your existing business (or expanding) to another address within League City

You should use the online permit portal to apply for your business registration.

*The City of League City does not issue business registrations for home-based businesses. 

The current business registration process is as follows:

  1. Apply via the online permit portal (attach the Business Registration Application form)
  2. Application fee must be paid online before review process starts
  3. Planning Department reviews application
  4. Fire Marshal’s Office reviews application
  5. Inspections are scheduled via the online permit portal. The following inspections are required in order to receive your Business Occupancy Certificate:
    1. Building Department Inspection
    2. Fire Marshal’s Office Inspection
    3. Pre-Treatment Inspection (Wastewater Department)
    4. Neighborhood Services Inspection

For information on filing an assumed name (DBA), visit the Galveston County website.

For information on short-term rentals, visit the short-term rental permit webpage.

Vacancy Reconnect Permit

If you are a commercial property owner with a vacant tenant space that needs electricity reconnected, please fill out the Vacancy Reconnect Permit Form and email it to for processing. For further questions on electrical reconnects for commercial spaces please email or call our office.