Short-Term Rental Permit Checklist

Short-term Rental Permit Checklist + Application Submission Instructions

  1. Site Plan with Parking Spaces Diagram – Submit your property’s site plan showing an overview of the property, structures, and the location of designated parking spaces.
  2. Floor Plan Documents – The floor plan should show sleeping areas, evacuation routes, and location of fire extinguishers.
  3. Combine your application documents (Site Plan with Parking Spaces Diagram, and Floor Plan) into one PDF. You will upload this PDF file through the City’s online Customer Self-Service Permit Portal after you complete the permit application. 
  4. Read the League City STR Operator Guidelines and Hotel Occupancy Tax Requirements
  5. Complete the online STR Permit Application Form and Submit Your Application:
  6. Pay $300 permit fee. Please note: The permit fee doubles if STR is operating without a permit or is already listed on a booking platform without a valid permit number included in the online listing.
    • What to expect after your STR application is submitted
      Once received, your application will go through an internal review process. If any information or documentation is missing, you will be contacted, and the application will be placed on hold. Once the initial review process is completed, you will be notified to schedule the required fire and safety inspection. When the inspection is completed, you will receive the following information about any corrective actions needed, or a “Passed” notification. If your location cannot pass inspection, the permit will be denied, and short-term rental operations will not be allowed. If you have a question regarding a Short-term Rental Permit, please contact the Building Department at 281-554-1080.

      When you receive notice of passing the STR inspection, you must request a printed copy of the STR permit from the Building Department to post in your establishment. 
  7. Final Step: Complete your Hotel Occupancy Tax Registration
    Once you have obtained your STR Permit and before you can operate your STR, you need to register in MUNIRevs and set up your account in the City’s online hotel occupancy tax reporting platform. You will submit quarterly HOT reports and pay taxes in MUNIRevs. 

To Register in MUNIRevs

  1. Go to MUNIRevs 
  2. Click on the green “Go” button on the left-hand side for New User Registration
  3. Go to User Profile screen
  4. Create your User Profile and click “Continue to Business Profile” (orange button)
  5. Link to your account record by entering your 6-digit account number and MUNIRevs activation code. 

If you do not have an account number or code, login credentials can be requested by sending an email to, or calling 888-751-1911. Unlimited phone and web support is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.