Commercial Construction

For Commercial Construction or Development

As of September 2, 2022, all development related plans, including, plats, site plans, infrastructure plans, variance request, applications for Certificates of Appropriateness, and Special Use permits must be submitted no later than Friday at noon to be placed on that week’s Development Review Committee (DRC) agenda.Any submittals received after this time will be pushed to the next review cycle. This will allow staff 10 business days to review the items. Comments will be provided on the 11th business day after the application is received and accepted for processing. This will not affect resubmittals, which can be submitted any day of the week.

The Development Handbook is for anybody wanting to develop land within League City. The submittal deadlines are within the handbook along with a guide to submitting each type of development application. Here is a copy of the Zoning & Development Handbook (PDF). Should you have any questions or concerns about these process changes, you may contact the Planning Department at 281-554-1080.

Any developer may request a pre-development meeting to review site plans with the Development Review Committee (DRC). Meeting requests can be submitted online by clicking here.

New Construction Required Documentation 

Provide all pages and information listed on the Commercial Building Permit Checklist (PDF), along with a Building Permit Application (PDF) and applicable fees (see permit fee calculator) for review.

  • Provide a complete set of plans and documents.
  • Please do not upload sheets individually. They should be uploaded as a complete package or in sets, such as, civil, architectural, structural, supporting documents, etc.
  • Staff cannot be responsible for merging plans or documents.
  • Files should not be locked, or password protected preventing markups or stamps.

Building Permit Applications (PDF) must be submitted through the League City Developmental Self Service Site (CSS). For more detailed information on inspections procedures, please refer to the Commercial Standard Operating Procedures (S.O.P.) (PDF) handout.

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