Current Board Members

Animal Advisory Committee

  • Dr. Elizabeth Robinson, State Licensed Vet
  • Cliff Woitena, City Official PD Chief 
  • Jasmine O'Keefe, Shelter Representative
  • Amy Potter Losh, Animal Organization Rep
  • vacant, At-Large Member
  • Patricia Rytlewski, At-Large Member
  • Susanne Joosten, At-Large Member
  • Staff Liaison: Animal Control Supervisor

Bay Area Houston Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB)

Not a city board, but city appoints representatives:

  • vacant, Council Representative
  • Sarah Osborne, City Representative
  • Bridget Bear, Hotel Representative

Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership

Not a city board, but city appoints representatives:

  • Scott Livingston, Economic Development Director, City Representative
  • Nick Long, Council Representative

Bay Area Houston Transportation Partnership

Not a city board, but city appoints representatives:

  • John Bowen, Council Representative

Big League Dreams Review Committee

  • Chad Tressler, Council Member
  • Tommy Cones, Council Member
  • Malcom Daly, Chair of the Section 4B Corporation
  • Fred Growcock, Chair of the Parks Board
  • Chris Sabin, Resident (facility user group)
  • Nick Corkill, Resident (facility user group)
  • Clay Voss, Resident (facility user group)
  • Jason Jaeger, Resident (facility user group)
  • Ben Dunn, Resident (facility user group)
  • Staff Liaison: Asst. City Manager

Charter Review Advisory Committee

  • Chuck DiFalco
  • Chad Duchon
  • Pat Hallisey
  • Diana Lawless
  • Larry Millican
  • Elaine Kosty
  • Mike Hembree
  • David Johnson
  • Staff Liason: Deputy City Attorney

Civil Service Commission

  • Marc Edelman
  • Michael Sanders
  • David Madden
  • Staff Liaison: Director of Human Resources and Civil Service
  • Council Liaison: Chad Tressler

Clear Creek Watershed Steering Committee

Not a city board, but city appoints representatives:

  • Nick Long, Representative
  • Peggy Zahler, Alternate

Community Standards Review Committee

  • Todd Kinsey
  • Laura Teatsworth
  • LuAnne Shupp
  • Leslie McKernan
  • Mark Lardas (Library Board)
  • Roxann Lewis (Library Board)
  • vacant (Library Board)
  • Staff Liaison: Assistant to City Manager

Dickinson Bayou Watershed Steering Committee

Not a city board, but city appoints representatives:

  • Chad Tressler, Representative
  • David Johnson, Alternate

Ethics Review Board

  • Rachel Spector-McAdam
  • Mike Hester
  • Rudy Salcedo
  • Emily Krone
  • Scott Higginbotham
  • Melissa Davis
  • Joshua Meyn
  • Amy Killgore
  • Staff Liaison: City Attorney

Finance Committee

  • Nick Long, Council Representative
  • Tom Crews, Council Representative
  • John Camp
  • vacant
  • vacant
  • Christie Gabino
  • vacant
  • vacant 
  • Gabe Allen 
  • Staff Liaison: Director of Finance

The Historic Commission

  • Susan Pierce
  • J’Nean Henderson
  • Ric Pearson
  • Roland Bienvenu
  • Dave Hake
  • Susan Smyer 
  • Vacant
  • Michael S. Hendershot, Ex Officio (Architect)
  • City Engineer, Ex-Officio Member
  • Staff Liaison: Asst Director of Planning

Houston-Galveston Area Council (HGAC)

Not a city board, but city appoints representatives:

  • John Bowen, Representative (Delegate - BOD)
  • Tommy Cones, Representative (Alternate - BOD)
  • Justin Hicks, Alternate
  • Tom Crews, Alternate

Houston-Galveston Area Council Regional Flood Management Committee

Not a city board, but city appoints representative:

  • Peggy Zahler, Representative
  • Christopher Sims, Alternate

Houston-Galveston Area Council Technical Advisory Committee

Not a city board, but city appoints representatives:

  • Christopher Sims, Primary Voting Member
  • Cara Davis, Alternate Voting Member

Houston-Galveston Area Council Transportation Policy Council

Not a city board, but city appoints representatives:

  • John Bowen, Primary Voting Member
  • Andy Mann, Alternate Voting Member

Keep League City Beautiful Committee

  • Jason Makepeace
  • Nina Makepeace
  • Lisette McClung 
  • Jill Reason 
  • Richard Williams  
  • Dave Bowman 
  • Beth Sears
  • Frank Zgonc
  • Jackie Liddell

League City Convention & Visitors Bureau Advisory Board

  • Kalpesh Patel, Hotel Representative
  • Tejal Patel, Hotel Representative 
  • Bridget Bear, Hotel Representative
  • vacant, Hotel Representative
  • Amber Murphy, Business Representative
  • Jodie Kaluza, Business Representative
  • J'Nean Henderson, Business Representative
  • Jacob Pratt, Arts/Historic Preservation
  • Jamie Terry, Arts/Historic Preservation
  • Stephanie Polk, City Manager Designee
  • Sean Saunders, Ex-Officio, Council Liaison
  • Sarah Osborne, Ex-Officio, Executive Director of Communications, Community Engagement and Cultural Affairs
  • League City Regional Chamber of Commerce Board Representative
  • Amanda Alvarado, Bay Area Houston Convention & Visitors Bureau Representative

League City Transportation and Infrastructure Committee

  • Andy Aycoth
  • Dave Person
  • vacant
  • Paul Maaz, P&Z Member
  • vacant
  • David Johnson
  • Justin Hicks, Council Member
  • Staff Liaison: Director of Engineering

Library Board

  • Byram Lass
  • Mark Lardas
  • Mary Dugie
  • Jeanne Avandsalehi
  • Tina Coker
  • Roxann Lewis
  • David Hoffman
  • Kyrsten Garcia
  • Staff Liaison:  City Librarian

Parks Board

  • Marcos Jaramillo
  • Ange Mertens
  • Linda Treadway  
  • Garet L. Nenninger
  • Don Kappel
  • Fred Growcock 
  • Jay Williams
  • Staff Liaison :  Director of Parks & Cultural Services

Planning & Zoning Commission

  • Pamela Arnold
  • Matthew Hyde
  • Chris Dodson
  • Matthew Propst
  • Paul Maaz
  • Ruth Morrison
  • Jacqueline Irwin
  • Frank Dominguez
  • Staff Liaison:  Asst Director of Planning 
  • Ex-Officio Members: City Engineer, City Attorney

Public Improvement District Number One

Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone Number One Board meets in its capacity as Public Improvement District Number One Board.  By statute the City Council is the default governing body unless council decides to appoint a PID advisory board.

Section 4B Industrial Development Corporation

  • Don Ivester 
  • Rick Holm 
  • Mark Brown 
  • John Towner
  • vacant 
  • Malcom Daly
  • Michael McCroskey 
  • Staff Liaison:  Director of Parks & Cultural Services 

Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone Number Two - Victory Ranch

  • Norma Ramos, City Appointee
  • Ryan Searle, City Appointee 
  • Russell Tidwell, City Appointee 
  • Robert Barfield, City Appointee
  • Justin Hicks, City Appointee
  • Dee Scott, School District Appointee
  • Staff Liaison, Director of Finance

Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone Number Four - West Oak

  • vacant, County Appointee
  • Bowie Campbell, City Appointee
  • Scott Short, City (Landowner or Agent) 
  • Javier Morales, City (Landowner or Agent) 
  • Maria Morales, City (Landowner or Agent)
  • Norma Ramos, City (Landowner or Agent)
  • Travis Campbell, Jr. (Landowner or Agent) 
  • Director of Finance, Staff Liaison 

Zoning Board of Adjustment

  • Kathleen Benoit
  • Tamra Gann-Curry
  • Michael Hendershot
  • Russell Miller
  • vacant
  • Dave Person, Alternate Number 1
  • Robert Kline, Alternate Number 2
  • Staff Liaison: Senior Planner