Recruiting FAQs

Q: Who can join the fire department?
A: Anyone who is at least 16 years of age with parental consent. Only those applicants that are at least 18 years of age can attend our Fire Academy.

Q: Do I need prior experience?
A: No fire experience is necessary.

Q: How much time is required once I join?
A: You're required to make a certain percentage of the weekly Tuesday 6 to 10 p.m. trainings, as well as a certain percentage of the fire calls per year.

Firefighters at booth handing out swag and information during recruitment event.

Q: Can I have facial hair?
A: A mustache is fine, but you can not have facial hair that extends past the corners of your mouth. Excessive facial hair could prevent your SCBA mask from sealing properly against your face.

Q: Can females join the fire department?
A: Yes, we encourage anyone who is interested in the fire service to join.

Q: What about my glasses, I can't see without them?
A: Our masks have a place for inserts for your prescription.

Q: How do I talk to someone about more questions?
A: Call our Administrative Offices at 281-554-1465. 

Q: How do I obtain an application to join the League City Volunteer Fire Department (LCVFD)?
A: View the job applications for the Fire Department. If you have questions, please contact our Administrative Office. The Fire Marshal's Office will send out a history packet for those moving forward in the onboarding process.

Firefighters inside fire station training during fire academy.