For Residential Construction or Repairs

The homeowner or the general contractor needs to fill out a permit application form available at the City’s Building Department or online. If the project requires a new water meter or well connection, make arrangements with the Building Department. For more detailed information on inspections and procedures, please refer to the Irrigation Standard Operating Procedures (PDF) (S.O.P.) handout.

Required Documentation
The homeowner or general contractor is required to submit to the Building Department the following documents for plan review and approval, along with a Building Permit Application (PDF). Other documents that need to be submitted are 1 Digital set of irrigation plans and pressure calculations, refer to information required to be on plan submittals.

  • Backflow test reports should be sent to Building Documents to close out the permit. The below guidelines will also apply.
  • All new permit application submittals should be emailed (as one merged PDF) to Building Department. Files larger than 15MB will need to be sent with a file transfer link, such as Dropbox.

Backflow Testing Program
The City of League City has established a Backflow Testing Program to help ensure the backflow prevention devices, protecting the City’s water system from potential health hazards, are tested annually. The program requires property owners maintain responsibility for ensuring their backflow prevention device is in good working order and providing annual test reports as proof of compliance.

Implementation of this program is mandated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). Compliance verification will be scheduled by the Building Official to review location’s backflow requirements.

Testers & Testing Companies

Certified backflow prevention assembly tester registration fee: Annual registration fee of $75 for TCEQ approved testers shall be a nonrefundable fee to show proof of their current TCEQ license and testing equipment in accordance wit current TCEQ regulations.

All backflow assembly test reports for existing and replacement backflow devices must be submitted via the BSI Online Backflow Tracking System.

All testing companies are required to submit test reports within 48 hours of test date. Failure to do so will result in enforcement notification of the customer regarding the non-compliant status of their device. If not entered online, the ultimate escalation of enforcement is termination of customer’s water service.

Questions or Concerns Contact

Email the Backflow Assembly Team.

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