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Posted on: February 23, 2024

CIP Water & Wastewater Update

Water Tower

The Project Management group works in conjunction with Public Works and Engineering to design and construct improvements to the existing water and wastewater supply, distribution and collections systems as well as creating new supply and distribution infrastructure. For the FY2024-2028 period, water system improvements represent the single largest program with $184.42 million in projects to be funded. The wastewater program follows closely behind with $123.68 million over the same period. League City currently operates ten booster pump stations, four elevated storage tanks, nine groundwater wells, two wastewater treatment plants, 76 lift stations plus all the thousands of linear feet of water mains, sanitary sewer mains and sanitary force mains that connect everything together. 

The Project Management group is currently working on several maintenance and new construction projects for water and wastewater infrastructure in varying stages of study/evaluations, design or construction. Below are updates from our on-going projects.

To learn more about projects that impact your neighborhood, explore our Interactive Project Map or view the 5-Year Capital Improvement Plan.



36-Inch Water Transmission Main from SH3 to SSH Booster Pump Station 

Installation of 17,730 linear feet of 36-inch water supply transmission line will provide an alternative connection from the SH 3 Booster Pump Station to the South Shore Harbor Water Storage and Booster Pump Station. This line will improve water supply to the East side of the City’s water system by providing a third crossing of Clear Creek and provide water system supply redundancy.

Fusible PVC pipe horizontal directional drilling operations were completed in three phases. The first drill was at South Shore Harbor lift station to FM2094/CCISD Intermediate School, the second and third drilling operations were at the Nature Center which were completed in November. Lane closures on FM 270 were removed in mid-December. The Nature Center, which closed in summer 2023, is anticipated to re-open in March 2024 after restoration activities are completed. Contractor has completed installation of a valve and vault in the Edgewater community. Waterline connection points at fusible PVC transitions are complete. Restoration and cleanup activities throughout the project limits are ongoing. Pressure testing began at the end of January. Disinfection of the line will commence after pressure test results are accepted.

Glenn Cove LS Dry Pit/Wet Well

The Glen Cove Lift Station Conversion Project consists of structural modifications of the existing dry/wet pit configuration to create a standard submersible lift station. Project scope includes installation of new submersible pumps and associated piping, electrical units and controls, hatches and safety grates, discharge piping and valves, and recoating the wet well. 

Rehabilitation and installation of all equipment and structures are complete. Station start-up with SCADA automation was completed on January 18, 2024. An additional manhole on site found to be in disrepair received SewperCoat rehabilitation utilizing remaining contract funds. Crews have completed restoration of the site and cleared all punch list items. The project is in closeout.

DSWWTP SCADA Upgrade Project 

Functional System Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems are required to monitor, control, collect data, and ultimately integrate the multitude of process functions throughout the many treatment components of a wastewater treatment facility. This project replaced and updated all software and hardware related to the fiber looped SCADA system that serves the Dallas Salmon Wastewater Treatment Plant (DSWWTP). 

Prime-Controls has completed the installation of the UV hardware and programming is complete.  PLC panel modifications, UV panels (Wedeco/Xylem), aeration blower panels (Howden) and belt press PLC panels (Evoqua) are complete.  Next milestone is to schedule aeration blower panels with Howden for basin tuning.  Substantial completion is estimated by the end of January.  The contractor requested and was granted a time extension through the end of January to complete the project due to staff shortages and material availability with vendors.


Dallas Salmon Wastewater Treatment Plant RAS Pump Improvements 

The RAS pumps are an integral part of the activated sludge system. The purpose of the pumps is to manage solids levels in the aeration basins and secondary clarifiers to ensure optimum treatment efficiency. This system must be reliable and meet the peak flow demand. This project will provide modifications and replacement of the six existing horizontal end-suction RAS pumps, removal and replacement of associated suction and discharge piping, as well as replacement of the RAS pinch valve, including a maintenance bypass loop used to control the RAS flow to the aeration basins.

All six (6) pumps at RAS pump areas that have been installed and are in use. Construction is complete.  A substantial site walk was competed on October 19th.  Since the substantial walk through the need for a ground level pinch valve controller was identified.  Contractor has completed all punchlist items except for installation of a remote actuator and controls for the pinch valve which was added via Change Order 2 as well as a time extension. Equipment is on order and expected to be received in March 2024.

15” Willow Branch & 18” FM 518 Gravity Line Replacement 

Construction of these improvements will increase the size of the approximately 1,400 feet of existing 18-inch sanitary sewer along FM 518 to 21 inches and increase the size of approximately 1,800 feet of existing 12-inch sanitary sewer along Washington Street and Willow Branch Drive to 15 inches. The upsized gravity lines will adequately convey existing and projected peak wastewater flows through the year 2037, as projected by the City’s Wastewater Masterplan, and will help maintain regulatory compliance regarding sanitary sewer overflows.

Installation of 21" sanitary sewer along FM 518 is complete. Manholes have been replaced/rehabilitated as well. Crews are finishing site clean-up and completing sidewalk and driveway repairs. Pipe bursting along Willow Branch and Washington began in early December. Washington Ave is complete. While pipe bursting the last segment along Willow Branch, crews came across concrete encasing the existing sewer line, which halted pipe bursting activities. While crews are exploring options to move forward, the contractor is focused on site restoration (repairing driveway panels and sidewalk, re-grading property and placing sod) from the park area, along Willow Branch, to their current work area. The contractor is working to provide the City with options on how to address the encased sewer line so construction so move forward. Once a solution is accepted, the schedule will be updated.

Pecan Forest, Highland Terrace, Clear Creek Heights Subdivisions and Boden St and Berns St Waterlines

The project is part of the City's ongoing program to systematically replace our aging water distribution system. In these neighborhoods, staff identified approximately 23,000 linear feet of waterline as high priority for replacement/upgrade, due to aged and deteriorated waterlines, undersized small diameter waterlines, ongoing maintenance issues, and/or to update pipe material. 

Plans were approved and signed off in mid-October.  Project advertised for construction bidding on October 25th and bids were opened on December 13th.  The construction contract was awarded at the January 23, 2024 Council meeting. Construction is scheduled to start in April 2024.

There are several projects in varying stages of design. 

The Calder South (Well, Generator & BPS), formerly called Westside Well & Booster Pump Station, will provide additional water supply to the City’s water distribution system and a redundant water source to Bay Colony and south-central areas of the city. During evaluations of the water infrastructure for the updated Water Master Plan, the proposed scope of this project was revised and expand to consist of a new groundwater well and 4,500 gpm booster pump station located on Calder Road along with a connection to the waterline transmission line from the TMWTP. The scope includes construction of a new pump building with miscellaneous piping, pumps, electrical equipment, and controls as well as a new chemical feed system, a 1.0MG ground storage tank, SCADA system, generator, and a Water Meter Base Station for GCWA. The project has also been renamed Calder South (Well, Generator & BPS) with design funded in 2024 and construction in 2026.

The Mary Lane and Tallow Forest Service Area Connection will connect existing 8" waterlines to the city water system as they were previously served by WCID #1. Surveying is complete. Early in design, the scope was revised to add force main relocation from FM 517 & Mary Ln to Hobbs and Wikiup St. Evaluation of the lift station revealed electrical upgrades to the existing service and control panel to accommodate the larger pumps would be required for the new force main. City Council approved an amendment to the design contract in November 2023 to include updating the existing lift station, which will improve the electrical system, pumps and add safety features. The next submittal (90%), which will include revisions based on 60% comments as well as the added scope, will be submitted in March 2024.

The East Main 24" FM Replacement is the FY 22 design selected for an annual program consisting of the engineering evaluation and strategic rehabilitation of sanitary sewer systems identified as a priority throughout the city. The project will replace approximately 5,300 L.F. of an existing 24-inch diameter sanitary sewer force main constructed in 1981 serving the East Main Lift Station. The existing 24-inch force main is located along FM 2094 (TxDOT ROW), crosses FM 2094 and runs south of Bayou Brae Subdivision, crosses Robinson Bayou (Clear Creek), and runs along Coryell Street until it crosses FM 270 (TxDOT ROW) and discharges into the manhole that is located on southeast corner of FM 270 and Coryell Street. Coordination with TxDOT for approval to install the proposed force main replacement will be required. The 100% design plans were just received.   The project has been cleared from needing any permitting from the US Army Corps of Engineers.

The Jarbo Bayou Force Main Replacement original scope included replacement of existing 6" force main encased in concrete through the bottom of the channel from the discharge of the Harbor Park 3 Lift Station to an air relief valve on the opposite side of the Bayou to avoid possible breakage and contamination of Bayou. After the 60% plan review, the construction method was revised to be trenchless construction through the bottom of the channel. The project was submitted to the USACE in October. Nationwide Permit verification was approved in December 2023. 90% plans were submitted in early January and are currently in review. Design should complete by March 2024.

The East Main LS Dry pit/wet well submersible conversion project consists of structural modifications of the existing dry/wet pit configuration to create a standard submersible lift station to provide more reliable service during tropical weather events. The project scope includes installation of new pumps and piping, new controls and electrical system, structural modifications, new hatches and safety grates, new discharge piping valves, and coating of the existing dry pit/wet pit. The conversion provides additional wet well capacity by combining the two pits, keeps the City workers above ground, and allows pumps to be pulled out for inspections and repairs with much more reliability with the least health and safety risks. 90% plans were submitted the first week of January. Comments were returned to the consultant the week of January 22, 2024. The design is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2024.

Annual Odor control improvements are a part of the CIP. Smith Lane and Butler Road LS Odor Control were the projects identified for design and construction in FY 22/23. Improvements planned are removal and replacement of the odor control units for the Smith Lane and Butler Lift Stations as well as modifications to the piping, structural and electrical and instrumentation. The fence will also be modified/replaced, and site work designed for the expanded Butler Lift Station site. Design is currently at 90%. Sander Engineering is working on the 90% DRC comments and preparing the 100% plan submittal.  A replat of the property is required and City staff anticipate bidding this project in March.

The city completed a Reuse Feasibility Analysis in 2014. Since completion of that study, the city has taken actionable steps to reduce potable water consumption within the city while increasing “reuse” customers. A contract to update the 2014 study was awarded by the Council in May 2022. The report will be done in four phases which include: data collection and analysis; identifying potential users and subsequent planning and cost to serve; development of an implementation plan; and final report and exhibit production. Data collection and analysis is currently ongoing. The consultant has held several workshops to discuss data findings and coordinate with the city. The final workshop was held in August 2023 and the report is being finalized.

The Harbour Park 1 LS Expansion was identified in the 2018 Wastewater Master Plan and further evaluated in a Feasibility Study performed in early 2023. The study was conducted to assess the current condition and define the scope for the project to increase the firm pumping capacity of the lift station from 1.6 MGD to 3.0 MGD. The study also looked at a possible increase in the size of the incoming gravity sewer from 18” to 21”. Upon completion of the Study and budget appropriation, staff opted to do a phased implementation of improvements. The initial phase will expand the station to 3 MGD, provide emergency power and remove and replace 45 feet of 18” gravity sewer with 21” line in front of the station. The proposed improvements will reduce surcharging during extreme weather events and allow the city to maintain regulatory compliance regarding Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSO’s). The final design contract was approved via Council action on August 22nd and the Notice to Proceed was issued on August 23rd. The 30% submittal was received in mid- October 2023 and the review was completed at the end of November. 60% plans were submitted in January 2024, comments were returned in mid-February.

The Southwest Water Reclamation Facility (SWWRF) will be expanded from 4.0 MGD to 8.0 MGD to serve the growth in the City’s southwest sector. Re-rating from the current permitted Annual Average Daily Flow (AADF) of 4.0 MGD to 5.4 MGD has been approved by TCEQ. The scope of this project is the additional component improvements required to expand the SWWRF from 5.4 to 8.0 MGD. Design and bid phase services were approved per Council action on August 8, 2023 and a design kickoff meeting was held August 10th. An industry day open house to present the project to contractors and suppliers was held in early October before the Request for Proposal (RFP) for CMAR pre-construction services advertised November 16, 2023. RFP's were received and opened January 9th and three firms were interviewed February 6, 2024. Final selection of the CMAR consultant is expected to go before Council in March 2024. The engineer is currently working on 30% design plans.

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