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Posted on: February 16, 2024

Park Projects Updates

Bay Ridge Park court and playgrounds

Did you know that League City has 15 City Parks, 2 Dog Parks and 24 miles of Hike & Bike Trails? There is also a host of other amenities available to our citizens such as paddle trails, granite walking/running trails and a mountain bike course.

The Project Management group works in conjunction with the Parks Department to design and construct these amenities and renovate them when they have reached the end of their useful life. We are currently working on eight projects in varying stages of design or construction. Below are a few highlights from our on-going projects.

To learn more about projects that impact your neighborhood, explore our interactive project map here



Lynn Gripon Park Low-Water Crossing


The low-water crossing at Magnolia Creek will allow access east of the creek to develop and maintain phase 2 of the mountain bike trail as a continuation of phase 1 that opened in fall of 2021. To avoid encroachment into wetlands, the consultant completed a wetland delineation for the area east of Magnolia Creek for the future development of phase 2 of the mountain bike trail. The project consists of three 11’x11’ box culverts crossing Magnolia Creek east of Lynn Gripon Park, cast-in-place wingwalls and headwalls, concrete pavement section for trail crossing, and grading around the crossing location.

Council approved the construction contract award in June 2023 and the pre-construction meeting was held August. The contractor mobilized in December to begin clearing activities. The contractor was issued Notice to Proceed on December 12th. Temporary fencing was installed in the dog park on Monday, December 18th, to enclose construction equipment and preclude access from the remainder of the park. Clearing and construction activities started up in February. Boxes for the crossing are constructed and being held at the manufacturer. Delivery to the site is anticipated in late February. Part of the park trail will be detoured through the end of April due to construction. The project is expected to be complete by summer 2024.

Mag Creek 1Mag Creek 2




New Projects for FY 24 - Newport Park Redevelopment, Lobit Park and the East Side Dog Park Parking Access

As our FY24 CIP projects are ramping up, we have design contracts for three new Park projects preparing to go before Council in January/February. Lobit Park, Newport Park Redevelopment and the East Side Dog Park Parking Access.

The approximately 9-acre Newport Park site serves as a neighborhood park with an existing playground, trails, a basketball court, a baseball backstop and a parking lot. The Homeowners Association (HOA) park was conveyed to the city in 2005. One of the city's strategic goals is to provide quality amenities. The addition of a trail system within the park, improvement to the existing parking lot lighting, regrading of the open practice field, and adding a volleyball court will address the needs of the residents for this park. A professional services agreement for design went before and was approved by Council at the February 13th meeting.

Lobit Park was a Galveston County Park until the City took it over in February 2022.  The park currently consists of an outdoor pavilion, restrooms, baseball field, basketball court, soccer fields, parking lot, a tennis court slab, and a former volleyball court area. Lobit Park went through a Condition Assessment in September 2020, as well as an Updated Condition Assessment in June 2021. These assessments provided some projected costs to get the park and associated facilities repaired and safely reopened. Design of Phase 1 is planned to be completed in 2024 with construction taking place in 2025. A professional services agreement for design has been negotiated and is anticipated to go before Council for approval at the February 27th meeting

The east side dog park (Hometown Heroes Park Dog Park) was completed in 2023. An alternative access from FM270, via the Centerpoint Energy Easement, will allow users a closer access to the dog park and separate from the 5K Loop users. The concrete access with 20 stall parking, pedestrian crossing, and gate will be open during daylight hours. The design will include a survey, geotech, civil, landscape, irrigation, TXDOT coordination, and construction documents for bid and construction phases. Consultant has submitted a proposal for design which is currently under review. It is anticipated it will go before Council in March 2024.

Bay Colony Park (PK2001)

The proposed Bay Colony Park is located on Ervin Street west of Calder Rd. It is approximately 106 acres that will include a 5-field girls softball complex, a 4-field Pony-Colt baseball complex, 2 soccer fields, 2 playgrounds, a 5K Trail, a 9-hole disc golf course, tennis/pickleball courts, lighted parking and roads, restrooms, concession stands, detention ponds, irrigation, landscaping, and a maintenance facility.

The 60% Construction Document submittal was received from the consultant in late September 2023.  Plans for an entrance into the east side of the park from Calder Drive are being developed but are delayed due to negotiations with the landowner. Metes and Bounds for that entrance road have been received and the right-of-way manager has received a title insurance commitment and can now request an appraisal to begin the acquisition process for the ROW needed for the road. This entrance will supplement the two entries into the north part of the park from Ervin Street, providing better ingress and egress from the park, during ball games and other large, heavily attended events. A right turn lane will be required into the eastern entrance off Ervin Street to reduce congestion on Ervin Street. Remediation work is now being studied and will be carried out by the Texas Railroad Commission. Construction Documents are scheduled to be complete and reviewed by COLC by summer of 2024. The TPWD Outdoor Grant is not recommended for approval by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission when they meet on January 25th. 

The Grand Parkway alignment through the southern part of the park is not expected to affect the recreational uses of the park because areas south of the Grand Parkway will become detention for the park facilities; no recreational facilities will be constructed south of the Grand Parkway/Highway 99 corridor. On January 19th the Highway 99 alignment will be discussed with an engineering consultant working for TxDOT. If the alignment is different from what the city’s consultant has been working with, the city will coordinate with the engineer and TxDOT to determine if TxDOT can make changes to align with the city’s plans.

The City is working with the park design consultant and Phillips 66 to coordinate changes to an underground pressurized line owned by Phillips 66. The work on the line by Phillips 66 is expected to be carried out during the summer, prior to any construction work on the park.

August Bay Colony Park

FM 270 Public Boat Ramp Renovations

This project will renovate the existing FM 270 Public Boat Ramp to accommodate all forms of boats and watercraft. The renovation will remove silt from the launch area, repair damaged launch surfaces, and reinforce the bulkhead, which is at the end of its life. The parking lot will be repaired and expanded if funds allow.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Permit was approved in the Spring of 2022. Final design plans were signed off on by the City in February 2023. Approved plans were sent to Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (TPWD) as well in February and then to then US Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) for review and approval for grant funding. TPWD forwarded the plans to USFWS in March 2023 to continue the review process. In April, TPWD forwarded comments from USFWS which were sent to the consultant. Responses to those comments were forwarded to TPWD and USFWS. 

Staff communicated the city's concern over the long delay by USFWS for approval of the construction plans. TPWD replied with a detailed list of actions that must be completed with an uncertain but expected completion date of June 2024 to get to Bidding and Construction. TPWD will be contacted to determine the status of USFWS's FONSI. 

An extension of the Multiple Use Agreement (MUA) has been approved and was received on February 12th by  COLC from TxDOT. Bidding will follow the necessary approvals and construction is expected to take 9 to 10 months.

Clear Creek - Nature Center & Kansas St Kayak Launch Sites 

The purpose of this project is to design and construct 2 kayak launches, one at the end of Kansas Ave and another within the Dr. Ned and Fay Dudney Clear The purpose of this project is to design and construct 2 kayak launches, one at the end of Kansas Ave and another within the Dr. Ned and Fay Dudney Clear Creek Nature Center (the Nature Center), on the west side of Highway 270 and at the south end of and immediately west of the loop road that provides access to the boat ramp. The current design includes parking, ramps, and other required access to the launches, handicapped accessible launch platforms at each location, wayfinding signage, removal of abandoned improvements along the shoreline at the Kansas Street site, and restorations of shoreline marsh conditions at the Nature Center site. Other amenities such as picnic facilities will be considered if the budget allows. 

Due to wetland conditions at the Nature Center site, an elevated boardwalk will be required to access the kayak launch at the water's edge. A Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment was conducted on the Kansas Avenue site due to undocumented fill operations in the past. 

Early stages of the Nature Center design were delayed by environmental and archeological issues. The Nature Center proposed launch site was relocated to avoid impacting a Native American archeological site. The USACE Permit application was received by USACE on 10/2/23. The 90% submittal review was returned to Burditt on 11/29/23. 90% Plans were submitted to TxDOT 12/8/23 for a preliminary review. TxDOT requires submission of a City Council resolution, a proof of insurance form, and a full application for the MUA. An additional delay might occur if TxDOT requires changes to the plans within TxDOT ROW. The consultant is currently preparing the “final plan” submittal, which is expected in March.

Geotech borings and topographic survey are complete on the Kansas St site. Partial 30% documents provided prior to the complete 30% submittal allowed city planning and engineering departments a preliminary review of cul-de-sac size. 30% Submittal review comments were sent to Burditt on November 2023. 60% design plans were submitted at the end of December 2023. Comments were returned in early February.

The city is coordinating the kayak launch plans at the Kansas St site with the kayak launch consultant and the consultant for the proposed shoreline trail within the Kilgore-Davis Tract, north of the Dallas Salmon Wastewater Treatment Plant. The shoreline trail will connect the kayak launch with Heritage Park, via a series of ground level trail segments and elevated boardwalks with viewing areas along Clear Creek.

Gilmore Elementary-Claremont Trail

The Gilmore Elementary-Claremont Trail connection will connect to and become a part of the City’s trail system as well as provide new sidewalks and a pedestrian bridge as a safe route from existing trails north of Gilmore Elementary School. The trail will cross a detention/drainage area adjacent to the school. After reviewing alternate layouts, the City chose the option that is anticipated to be the most cost effective, as well as a more direct route for end users, and a shorter bridge span. Final design plans have been approved. Acquisition of easements is in progress. Magnolia Creek HOA has agreed to grant the revised trail easement needed. Documents are being revised and reviewed through the legal department. Bidding is anticipated in early 2024. 


Hike and Bike Trails Wayfinding Signage Project Phase 2 

The City of League City has developed a family of hike and bike trail wayfinding signage which includes four different sign types. The first phase of signage was installed in 2021 within the Feathered Friends Trail System and included directional signs, park signs, and informational signs. Phase 2 is anticipated to incorporate 29 new signs within the Flora and Flowers Trail System, 20 signs within the Coastal Creatures Trail System, as well as installing an additional four signs within the Phase 1 trails, totaling 53 new signs. Final sign placements have been determined and trail and segment names for the Flora and Flowers Trail System and the Coastal Creatures Trail System have been sent to the consultant. 90% design plans were submitted in mid-November, and comments have been returned. Consultant has finalized the graphics and signage locations. Final plans are expected for submittal in February. Bidding is expected in March 2024.

Master Planning/Studies


Heritage Signature Trail Layout

A public meeting was held on March 7, 2023 at Butler’s Courtyard for City staff and consultants to explain this project in some detail to residents of the historical district. This study looked at possible routes to connect League Park and Heritage Park through the Historical District. The consultant shared maps of possible walking and interpretive pathways to allow residents and visitors a way to see more of what League City has to offer. The presentation from the public meeting is available on the city website. Staff used conceptual schematics for a request to Union Pacific railroad to place the trail in their ROW—the alignment most preferred by residents attending the public meeting. However, Union Pacific has denied the city permission to locate the trail within their right-of-way. The city is considering some other layout options and is looking at other routes through the neighborhood. In December 2023, the city’s consultant on the earlier study provided a proposal for an Add Service to the current PSA for the Trail Project. The amendment covering the new work will take the project through design of a new alignment and meeting with the public in a community meeting and was approved the week of January 22nd. Halff is working on some alignment options after a discussion with staff.


Parks, Trails, and Open Space Master Plan Update

The City of League City Parks, Trails, and Open Space Master Plan (Master Plan) was approved in 2017 but must be updated every 5 years to be viable for use in Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) park grant applications. A scientifically valid random survey of residents has been conducted and the City’s consultant is reviewing the information to include in a new chapter for the Master Plan that will determine Park and Recreation priorities for the next 5 years. The Master Plan update will include a new chapter on changes since 2017 as well as the new chapter on Mountain Bikes approved in 2022. The City’s consultant is assisting with preparation of an additional chapter which summarizes the updates from the original masterplan. An extension of the contract was approved due to the length of time required to access census information for the city. Completion of the update is expected by early summer 2024. That will make the update available for use in any grant applications later in the year. The consultant provided the master plan chapter draft on December 15th. The master plan review by city staff should be complete by January 31st.

A timeline for the remainder of the work, including public meeting dates will be developed following a review of the draft of the Master Plan Update. A Public meeting is scheduled for February 20, 2024 from 6:00 PM-7:30 PM at the Civic Center located at 400 West Walker, League City, TX 77573.

Kilgore Tract Preliminary Assessment

The City of League City is exploring the feasibility of developing a connecting trail and boardwalk between Heritage Park and the future Kayak Launch at Kansas Street, within a site known as the Kilgore Tract. The site will provide views of the Clear Creek environment as well as an approximately 3000 linear foot walking trail and elevated boardwalk. 

Environmental, Archeological, and Wetland studies were previously conducted by the City’s consultant on this project. The results of the studies show that no Phase 2 Environmental Assessment is required, and the Wetland delineation revealed that trail and boardwalk access to the shoreline of the site is feasible with a US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Nationwide Permit. 

A meeting was held with the consultant in December 2023. A professional services agreement for the complete design of the shoreline trail has been negotiated and is anticipated to go before Council for approval at the February 27th meeting. Design is currently planned for FY2024 with construction in FY2025.



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