Can my group set-up a service day?

A service project is a great way for anybody to get involved and help animals! Students who complete a project to benefit the League City Pets Alive can receive community service credit for school or a youth organization. Check out the list below for project ideas.

  • Supply Drives: Organize a supply or food drive to benefit the animals. Check out the wish list for a comprehensive list of accepted donations.
  • Fundraising Events: Organize a fundraiser and raise money to help pets in need. Your fundraiser could be a bake sale, tag sale, car wash, lemonade stand, penny drive, craft sale or whatever you can imagine!
  • Craft Projects: Make homemade items to donate to the animals. Check out a list of craft project ideas.
  • Other Projects: Check out a list of projects that can be done to help us help our homeless animals.

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4. Can my group set-up a service day?
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