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Pre-Development/Planning Meeting Request Form

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  2. Contact Information
  3. Project Information
  4. Meeting Request
  5. Pre-development meetings are held every Tuesday, between 9am and 11am.
  6. Include copies of the following documents with the meeting request:*
  7. Accepted Formats:
  8. Authorization
  9. I understand and agree that pre-development meetings are voluntary and are intended to be informational sessions only and do not substitute for my own diligence in determining all requirements that may apply for my development. No representation made during a pre-development meeting can modify the regulations that apply to my project. Furthermore, I agree that this request and everything that occurs during a pre-development meeting, including without limitation, any questions asked or answers given, shall not constitute as a formal application for the purposes of vesting under the Texas Vesting Statue. Submittal of this application shall constitute as acknowledgement and authorization to process this request.

    Planning Department
    500 West Walker Street,
    League City, Texas 77573
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